Chequers, TTDI

An originally planned dinner at one of our favorite restaurants turned into an interesting night for us. A new find around the neighborhood has always been exciting, and at times, rewarding!

The brightly litted signboard immediately caught our attention, “Hey! A new cafe in town!”.

Chequers eh? Not sure if it’s name after the country house retreat of the Prime Minister of the UK or just referring to the pattern consisting of squares of different colors. Well, the gNOMes bet their moo-lah on the latter. 🙂

A quick flip of the menu spots 3 types of pastas, 5 types of savoury waffles, 4 all day breakfasts with waffles and of course, 4 different types of sweet waffles for the sweet tooth! Chequers also serves waffle fries with cheese dips as starters and ice cream/sorbet for those not wanting sweet waffles for dessert.

Shroom Fiesta [RM18]

A platter of spinach waffles, grilled portobello mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, olives topped with rockets and shredded parmesan cheese. The waffles were fragrant, but felt a tad too cold and too dry for gNOMe 2’s liking. A warmer waffle would have done miracles. As for the toppings, gNOMe 2 felt that for RM18, there should have been more portobello mushrooms (instead of only 2) and greens.

Moo Moo [RM25]

A twist of your usual beef burger. Sirloin beef patty, cheddar, slaw, radish, crispy bacon and berries barbecued sauce sandwich in between not two buns, but two waffles slices. The cream cheddar was really nice with the waffles. The gNOMes would’ve liked to have more of it. Unfortunately, the patty was a little too well-done. In the gNOMes’ opinions, patties should at least be tender enough to chew so one can enjoy the juices in the meat.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio [RM22]

Not wanting to do anything with waffles? Grab their spaghetti instead. This plate of pasta combines spaghetti with tiger prawns, spinach, cherry tomatoes, garlic and chilli. This was the clear winner of the night. Although it was slightly on the oily side, the seasoning made it a winner!

Verdict : Ironically, the best food the gNOMes tasted was a non-waffle dish. Interesting idea, but perhaps the price isn’t too worth what you get. We hope they will improve as time goes by! 🙂

How to get there :

Address : 153, Jalan Aminuddin Baki, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number : +603-7733 3068

Opening Hours : Opens daily (except for Tuesdays) from 1000 hours till 2300 hours

Facebook here


3 thoughts on “Chequers, TTDI

  1. I am terribly disappointed with my lunch visit today. I have ordered the ‘shroom fiesta’ in which it was suppose to have spinach waffle, grilled portobello, glaze cherry tomato, balsamic vinegar, rocket salad and shaved parmesan. The dish arrived without glazed cherry tomato and shaved parmesan. When I asked the waiter, he knew it was missing and just brushed it off by saying that the chef was new. I felt terribly cheated as I was charged RM 20 for something that was not delivered as described. On top of that the restaurant was not busy at all as it is Monday lunchtime, the chef had plenty of time to prepare the food properly. This will be my first and last trip to this place.

    1. wow. That’s very shocking… I don’t believe the management of any restaurant would stand for that. They should’ve at least replaced it one for one. We would recommend writing in to the management though

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