Go Thai, SS2

The gNOMes are always on the lookout for new Thai places. Well gNOMe 2 at least cause Thai food is one of her favorites. After weeks of passing by SS2, finally gNOMe 2 and her brother had the chance to set foot into this place.

Not that hard to spot if you are heading to SS2 from the PJ Section 17 intersection (also fondly known as the Rothman Roundabout). Head on the main road after you pass the ‘Durian Fiesta’ stalls on your right, and roughly 200 meters away, you will spot Go Thai on your right.

The menu tells it all (click to enlarge). Go Thai is not your place to dine for your usual Thai dishes, but rather, a place that thrives on local Isan Thai fares.

Go Thai is the place to go to if one is craving for Khao Kha Moo [RM9] (Pork Leg Rice with Egg). Do bear in mind we never had the chance to try this out this time round, will definitely be back. The other place the gNOMes would go for a yummy plate of Khao Kha Moo would be Frame Thai (formerly known as Lai Thai Market) in Happy Mansion, Section 17, PJ.

Phad Graprow Moo [RM 9]

Phad Graprow Moo is a lovely Thai street food that is close to nearly every Thai’s heart. Stir fried minced pork with chilli & Thai holy basil with rice and topped with fried egg. Thai cuisines are heavily reliant on basil, and this dish is no exception. The holy basil gave it the fragrance it needed, but however, we felt minced pork was lacking some seasoning, perhaps we are already so accustomed to the usual spicy and tasty Phad Graprow in the streets of Bangkok.

Tom Yam Seafood [RM 12]

Tom Yam seafood in white broth. Tom Yam has always been a must at every Thai dinner, so this is definitely a no exception. The Tom Yam was lacking a little bit of ‘body‘ but had the substantial amount of seasoning and flavour. Nevertheless, with all due respect, gNOMe 2’s Tom Yam preference still lies with the Red Tom Yam Goong! 😀

Phad Mee Korat [RM 9]

Pad Thai. Pad Thai. Pad Thai.

Always the definite order of gNOMe 2’s meal. There’s just something so magical about Pad Thais.

This Pad Thai at Go Thai has an interesting twist as opposed to the usual Pad Thais. This Pad Thai is the Korat version of your usual rice stick noodles. The noodles were nicely cooked, slightly on the ‘wetter/soggy’ side, with hints of chicken bits laced with egg.

Squeezed in some lime, sprinkle some chilli flakes over and dig in! 🙂

Verdict : A new place to go Thai (pun intended) if one is seeking for a new place to dine in. The food is alright overall, & we felt that they have more potential room to grow and improve. Just only one thing to note : Portions are a tad small for big eaters like us, the price tag that comes with it doesn’t quite justify. We hope to see a better Go Thai in the future 🙂

How to get there :

Address : 187, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +6012-289 1922

Opening Hours : Daily till 2200 hours. EXCEPT Mondays.

Facebook here


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