Ramen Kanbe Restaurant, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana

Situated in a quieter spot in Empire Damansara unbeknownst to many lies Fujiwara-san’s humble Ramen shop. The gNOMe believes that Ramen Kanbe is the only place that sells Ramen here at Empire Damansara, in the midst of all those coffee hangout places.

Ramen Kanbe is just sandwiched in between Brew Time and Zenjo, you wouldn’t miss it if you keep your eyes peeled on the signboard as shown above. Kanbe sells shoyu (soy sauce based) ramen, as opposed to the regular tonkotsu base served in Malaysia. Most Malaysians have a bad impression of shoyu ramen, but perhaps this shop will change your mind.

[Left to Right : Green Tea [RM 3]; Oolong Tea [RM 3]]

Japanese Green Tea and Chinese Oolong Tea to quench one’s thirst. Refreshing and fragrant, as is the common fare of a Japanese restaurant.

Gyoza [RM 10]

Gyoza’s for appetizer’s anyone? RM 10 for 5 pieces of Gyoza, served with dipping sauce. The Gyoza was nicely pan fried, skin wasn’t too thick, and the fillings were generous. A good kick start to our meal.

Karaage [RM 10]

Boneless chicken marinated in special house blend sauce and spices then fried till crispy is also perfect for appetizers. Fujiwara-san recommends this appetizer with beer.

Spicy Ramen [RM 21]; Ajitama [RM 3]

Spicy flavoured ramen with chicken and pork minced, served with garlic and chives. This ramen is apparently famous with the Japanese lady expats, and we definitely know why! The broth is fragrant, with a hint of sourness. The spiciness is apparent, but not overwhelming, adding to the appeal of the whole bowl. As for the noodle texture, it tastes of “home made”, cooked to a nice al dente texture.

Charsiu Ramen [RM 21]; Ajitama [RM 3]

The Charsiu was the real star of this bowl, and definitely the winner. Supremely fragrant yet not being fatty. The charsiu was seasoned to perfection as well. The broth here is a welcome change from the thick tonkotsu broth, which has become common fare amongst ramen shops in Malaysia. The lighter taste of the shoyu ramen base doesn’t leave one full and lethargic after consumption.

As for the ajitama, the moment the gNOMes saw the egg yolk, there was nothing more to be said. Perfectly seasoned and perfect texture of yolk. YUMS!

Tenshin-Han Rice [RM 15]; Ajitama [RM 3]

This dish reminds us of a character in Dragon Ball ain’t it (seeing that the characters in Dragon Ball were named mostly after food)? Hah. This dish is Ramen Kanbe’s signature rice dish, steamed rice wrapped in fried egg served with in house home made soy sauce. The steamed rice was fluffy with plumpy grains, egg was fragrant. The soy sauce was particularly appetizing, it has the fragrance of their imported Kobe soy sauce, excluding the saltiness.

Torisoboro-Rice [RM 10]

A small bowl of spiced minced chicken and pork on top of a bed of fluffy rice. This dish does not have an gravy, so it might be a tad dry for some. Nevertheless, the rice grains were plump and fluffy, the layer of minced meat was nicely prepared.

Verdict : This place is underrated, and serves good food for very reasonable prices. Considering the wonderful flavors this place has shown us, it’s a real pity that most people are not aware they exist. Tasty ramen with to-die-for soup base and heavenly chashu! The gNOMes have found a new place to have soy-based ramen!

How to get there :

Address : G28, Block Empire Retail, Empire Damansara, No. 2, Jalan PJU 8/8A, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +6016-202 5812

Opening Hours : Daily. 1130 hours till 2200 hours.

Facebook here 


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