Cat In The Box, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana


Both gNOMes have been roaming quite alot around Empire Damansara’s grounds but little did we know that there are cafes & restaurants on Level 1. Hidden gems that’s what we say!

And of course, that finding brought us to this very laid-back and chill ambiance cafe called Cat In The Box. *if only we can keep this to ourselves :P. but nah, good things are meant to be shared! 😀

Such cosy environment where you could just purchase a cup of cuppa, grab a book and day dream the day away. The seats at the corner overlooks at the greens opposite Empire, emitting a very soothing vibe.

A wide array of coffee and tea for selection. While you are at it, don’t forget desserts for you sweet tooth gNOMers! Or feeling rather famished? Grab a quick bite with their wholesome food.

[Left to Right : Callebaut Mocha [RM 12]; Flat White [RM 10]]

This tasty Flat White cuppa is based on their wonderful and unique use of medium roast East Timor beans. The Flat White is smooth as they come, with a hint of that earthiness in the aftertaste, making a very comforting reading company. The Flat White uses a double ristretto which is a restricted espresso shot.

The Callebaut Mocha on the other hand is a combination of some serious homemade Callebaut chocolate with Kamahi honey and brown sugar, unlike the regular fare one gets at any other coffee shop. Smooth and yums!

Crimson Magic [RM 15]

Crimson Magic is indeed a fruity cup of tea. Where does the magic come from, then? Stir in the cinnamon stick to the mix and take a whiff while you’re at it if you like, and let the flavors fill your palate.

Iced Shaken Peach Tea [RM 12]

An alternative option for the non-coffee and non-tea drinking person.

[Left to Right : Rocky Road [RM 3 each]; Peanut Butter & Jelly [RM 3 each];

 Lemon Chai Cookies [RM 2 each]]

Have we mentioned that Cat in the Box uses some serious chocolate?? This is no mere mortal chocolate we have on the Rocky Road. Flanked by white marshmallows and topped off with apricot sprinkles, this Rocky Road is a road that leads to a happy stomach!

Peanut Butter & Jelly is delightfully tasty as well. As with most of their ingredients, the peanut butter is home made, and it tells in the difference of the texture. One can really taste the peanut power in it, balanced out by a generous smattering of jam. gNOMe 2 gave this the thumbs up as a huge PB fan.

Are you a masala chai lover? If you are, then the Lemon Chai Cookies are your thing! gNOMe 1 who is a chai addict, approves of it very much. 😀 Very apparent and nicely spiced biscuits baked with loads of love.

Chicken & Potato Pie [RM 13.50]

The chicken & potato pie is also a home made dish. Wonderfully fragrant yet not too thick crust with a generous helping of minced chicken and potatoes. It is one for the carb lover, and a good rice replacement.

Fancy Curried Lamb Pie [RM 15]

When the gNOMes saw this pie on the menu, we had to order it (because we love mutton!). This pie however wasn’t our favorite, as we would’ve like to have spicier curry. The curry in here is a tad too mild for us, and also because the potato pie has already set a good standard for us.

Callebaut Mocha Brownie with Hazelnuts [RM 5 without Ice Cream,

RM 10 with a scoop of Fat Baby Ice Cream]

If you have been with us throughout this post, you would know that the best advice we can give is to recommend anything with chocolate on the menu. These brownies were a real masterpiece. Another tip, order it with the Salted Caramel Fat Baby ice-cream. You are definitely in for a good treat. You’re welcome. 🙂

Affogato [RM 14]

Eat this however you like, no judgment! A strong shot of espresso into a cup of salted caramel Fat Baby ice-cream. No wonder this is one of their best sellers. Creamy, smooth, rich.

Verdict: In case we didn’t stress it enough, ORDER SOMETHING WITH CHOCOLATE! The owners of this place put a lot of thought into every aspect, from coffee beans down to supplier ethics, and it shows. Overall, a great place to hangout with friends, to have a quiet evening reading, or to even take some insta photos to grow your hipster street cred. A gNOMe favorite!

How to get there :

Address : Lot 111, Heritage Lane, Empire Damansara, PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +603-7611 0472

Opening Hours : Mondays to Thursdays & Sundays. 1100 hours till 2200 hours.

Fridays & Saturdays. 1100 hours till 0100 hours.

Facebook here; Website here


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