Coffee Smith, Maritime Piazza, Persiaran Karpal Singh, Penang

Hola! And Blessed Chinese New Year gNOMers! 😀

CNY has been fantastic for gNOMe 2, back in her beloved hometown Penang, surrounded by awesome relatives, good food, and loads of Ang Pau! gNOMe 2 hopes everyone is having a good time with their loved ones as well. 🙂

As it was gNOMe 2’s mum’s birthday last week, the whole family made plans to give her a post birthday treat. Mum picked this place, and here we go!

Coffee Smith is located at Maritime Piazza along the Karpal Singh drive.

The place was brightly litted with the sun beams shining through the glass panels. One word of advise : it can get too dazzling if one sits facing the glass panels

[Left to Right : Wooden Stick Latte; Black Coffee] 

Classic Artisan Coffee 

All 3 cups of coffee comes with set orders. The coffees tasted rather mediocre, with a medium side roast, and the classic artisan coffee was actually too bitter for our liking.

Burgandy Garlic Fried Mushrooms [RM 16.00]

Stir fried mushrooms with cherry tomatoes, chopped garlic and potatoes. The chopped garlic gave an added boost and flavouring, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms were seasoned nicely. The only downside? A tad too oily.

Fish Fillet with French Toast [RM 26.00]

A platter of deep fried fish fillet, french toasts, potato wedges, salad and a choice of chicken or beef sausages. The presentation and plating skills can definitely do better than that, the fish fillet had a dollop of mayonnaise on top. Fish fillet were fried just nicely, which was the apparent winner in this platter.

Eggs Benedict with English Muffin [RM 26.00]

A platter of Eggs Ben on top of English muffin, potato wedges, salad and a choice of chicken or beef sausages. The Eggs Ben were actually not Eggs Ben, rather, they were more like poached eggs instead. Nevertheless, the Eggs Ben tasted rather alright, with a slice of ham sandwiched in.

Garlic Clams Fettuccine [RM 19.00]

Stir fried fettucine with clams (lala) with garlic. Nothing much to shout about this dish, clams were not that fresh, but overall, tasted rather decent and enough to fill a hungry stomach.

Pumpkin Risotto with Seasonal Fish [RM 22.00]

Risotto cooked with pumpkin cream reduction, although the pumpkin cream tasted rather vague. The risotto came with chopped bell peppers and a thick slice of catch of the day. The fish was fresh, though the whole combination was slightly under seasoned. An additional pinch of salt and pepper would have done this whole dish wonders.

Hokkaido Mentaiko Scallops Cream Fettucine [RM 22.00]

Fettucine cooked al dente, served with beautifully pan seared scallops which were juicy and succulent, with cream sauce topped with seaweed strips and crab roe. This dish was beautifully done, and is highly recommended for a scrumptious lunch.

Add RM 12 to your main meals for a salad, soup, Wooden Stick Latte and dessert.

Add RM 16 for a salad, soup, Classic Artisan coffee and dessert.

Add RM 18 for salad, soup, Smith Bolt and Nut coffee and dessert.

Verdict : This place looks rather promising, though some dishes can do with slight tweaking in terms of taste and presentation. A nice place to hang out with friends as they have long tables and benches for big groups.

How to get there :

Address : No. 29C-01-11, Maritime Piazza, Lebuh Sungai Pinang

Contact Number : +604-684 1818

Opening Hours : Mondays to Thursdays. 1100 hours till 0100 hours.

Fridays. 1100 hours till 0200 hours.

Saturdays. 1000 hours till 0200 hours.

Sundays. 1000 hours till 0100 hours.

Facebook here


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