Revisit : Boat Noodle, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana

The last we visited Boat Noodle at Empire was in May 2014. Read the review here. Close to a year later, we returned. And this time, Boat Noodle has a wider selection of menu. And little did we know, we are the second batch of people to actually try on their new menu! 😀

Boat Noodle has also just recently renovated the interior, spotting a combination of modern rustic concept. Now the place is more spacious, accommodating more patrons at one go. And if one pays attention enough, funky Thai music can be heard in the background, given one a close-to-real-dining-experience in Thailand.

[Clockwise from far left : Ice Blended Thai Green Tea [RM 8.90]; Cha-Manao-Yen (Thai Iced Lemon Tea) [RM 6.90]; Ice Blended Thai Tea [RM 8.90]; Ice Blended Thai Coffee [RM 8.90]; Drink of the Day [RM 3.90]; Fresh Thai Coconut [RM 6.90]] 

Boat Noodle has also just launched a variety of drinks, from the famous Ice Blended Thai Tea to a more interesting concoction of Ice Blended Thai Green Tea. Fret not, refreshing drinks such as the Drink of the Day (iced longan) and Iced Thai Coconut are also available. Among the whole lot :

  • gNOMe 1’s pick : Ice Blended Thai Tea, Thai Iced Lemon Tea, Iced Thai Coconut
  • gNOMe 2’s pick : Ice Blended Thai Tea, Ice Blended Thai Green Tea, Thai Iced Lemon Tea

 Thai Fruits Salad [RM 6.90]

A bowl of hearty mix of grapes, cherry tomatoes, corn and nuts, drizzled with Boat Noodles’ special sauce. A very palatable start to one’s meal. The ingredients were fresh and the combination proved to be lovely and brilliant. Juicy and plumpy grapes and cherry tomatoes complemented the fragrant ground nuts, and the sour and spicy with a hint of sweetness home made sauce delivered the ultimate punch. But beware of the double chilli icon stamped on the menu beside this dish! We heard that this dish left many in tears and drenched in sweat!


If fruit salads are not your thing, why not dig into Boat Noodles’ steamed bread? Home made bread steamed till fluffy, served with a side dip of pandan kaya (coconut jam) and santan (coconut milk). The bread was fluffy, but the winner here is the dip. Smooth and thick pandan kaya mixed with fragrant santan to form an unquestionably enjoyable mix of sweetness and fragrance. It’s definitely one to enjoy with friends.

Yum Meatball [RM 8.90]

Another appetizer which Boat Noodle just recently roll out. A plate of meatballs with cherry tomatoes, topped with minced chicken and served with Boat Noodles’ home made sauce. While the chicken balls were ordinary, the sourish mix adds 5 points to the whole dish.

[Left to Right : Grill Chicken Meat Ball [RM 4.90]; Grill Beef Meat Ball [RM 5.90]]

Similar to the previous dish in a sense, this is grilled meat but on a stick (obviously). The fragrance of the grill here was pretty interesting, as what one would expect from a good Thai street food place. The beef balls initially tasted not so beefy, but the after taste provides a gush of beefiness to your palette.

Chicken Wings [RM 4.90]

Don’t let the thin and dry-looking chicken wings here fool you. Make no mistake, this is one absolutely delightful treat. The gNOMes were just enjoying the explosion of flavors and spices upon ingesting them. Dip in the sauce and thank us later.

Thai Popeye’s Tempura [RM 6.90]

The tempura batter here was rather intriguing. To be honest, one does not know how to feel about this dish. Although some of our friends loved it. The dip here tastes like tomyam with extra santan, making it a good partner for the spinach tempura.

Yum Woon Sen [RM 13.00]

Thai glass noodles are always winners in our books, and this dish was no exception either. The sour flavor in the sauce makes for a delightful dish, while not being too spicy for the average person. The gNOMes were fighting with their friends over this one. And not forgetting the fresh seafood that complemented this dish really well.

Yum Mama [RM 8.50]

Just like the Yum Woon Sen, this was also really palatable. Instead of Woon Sen (bean thread glass noodles), Boat Noodle replaces it with Thailand’s famous Mama noodles. The gNOMes were definitely happy campers, despite the maggi mee appearance of this dish.

Kha-Pow Chicken Rice [RM 11.90]

Armed with the wonderful fragrance of basil leaves and cooked to optimum juiciness, the small chunks of kha-pow chicken will give one the proverbial “punch” (pun intended). Eat it with rice and just enjoy being in Thailand. Both gNOMes can’t stop raving on how good the Pad Kra Prao is. Yums we say! 😀

Verdict : No doubt, Boat Noodle has finally won our hearts over. If one isn’t up for the regular Boat Noodles, as is its namesake, these other dishes are really worth trying. And of course, no meal is complete without a refreshing drink. These drinks are THE REAL DEAL. Worth a revisit. If you are sick of the queue, there happens to be around 8 outlets, so no need to queue no more! 🙂

For our Muslim readers, they are in the midst of getting halal certification and have taken measures to ensure their practices are halal.

Note : Boat Noodle’s new menu is now available in all outlets in the Klang Valley, namely Publika, Jaya One, Ikon Connaught Cheras, Gamuda Walk Kota Kemuning, Klang Parade & Berjaya Times Square.

How to get there :

Address : G3A, Heritage Lane, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya.

Contact Number : +6019-477 3119 / +6016-330 4762 / +6019-675 6138

Opening Hours : Daily. 1100 hours till 2100 hours.

Facebook here


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