Jeq In The House, Section 17, Petaling Jaya

Remember when we told you that we wanted to head over to JEQ’s but they were closed? Finally, we made it! 😀

Located at Section 17, or to be more precise, in the same row as I’m Spicy and Humble Pie, lies the 4 month old JEQ In The House.

Spotting a modern rustic look with an ensemble of uniquely designed furniture, the whole place emits a rather cosy and homey vibe.

Jeq’s tagline reads : Kitchen. Coffee. Dessert. So be rest assured that one’s in for a good treat from main courses to coffees and desserts.

[Left to Right : Green Tea Latte [RM 10.00]; Mocha [RM 10.00];

Flat White [RM 10.00]]

Using Common Man coffee beans, the coffee served at JEQ’s is smooth, with a hint of citrus. Those who enjoy a more acidic brew will like the coffee here. The Mocha is also nice and chocolatey. Although, overall the gNOMes actually prefer the coffee to be less acidic. The Green Tea Latte was actually quite fragrant, although the gNOMes did taste a very obvious powdery taste in the brew.

JEQ’s Pizza [RM 18.00]

This dish is actually surprisingly good. A good blend of pizza sauce, topped off with ham, peppers and crowned with Shiitake mushrooms. What’s more, this pizza is a thin crusted pizza, which adds brownie points to the whole affair. This well-seasoned pizza is a must-order at JEQ.

Big Breakfast [RM 24.90]

JEQ’s Big Breakfast platter consists of sauteed mushrooms on bruschetta, baked beans, foot long sausage, sliced ham and omelette. As one would find at any other place. Slightly on the steep side (price tag wise), this Big Breakfast isn’t exactly our cup of tea.

Chicken Roulade Pasta [RM 18.00]

Another HIT. This place seems to be scoring big when it comes to Italian food. The spaghetti was almost al dente, with fantastic seasoning. The tomato based sauce was well seasoned, and has a sour twangy taste to it. The chicken was a little bit on the dry side though. But overall a hit because of the pasta.

Mushroom Chicken Pot Pie [RM 16.00]

Beneath the Filo Pastry lies a concoction of mushrooms and cubed chicken in cream sauce. The mushroom and chicken within was fragrant and milky, although there wasn’t much chicken in there. This whole dish just screams comfort, if one is looking for safe and comfort food, this is the one to order. The Filo pastry was fragrant as well, showcasing their baking abilities.

*a waiting time of 15 minutes is required

Tiramisu [RM 16.00]

We were told that JEQ’s best seller is the Tiramisu. Cakes here at JEQ are baked daily, so one will be guaranteed of a fresh slice of cake. The ladyfingers are enhanced with espresso and sandwiched between layers of whipped eggs, sugar and mascarpone cheese. The Tiramisu is then topped with caramelized crushed Almond and Macadamia nuts.

Interestingly, this isn’t your regular Tiramisu. The ice-cream chunks in between the cake gives it an absolutely fresh taste and texture, while it is generously powered by delightful rum. The caramel-glazed mixed nuts makes it a yummy dessert.

Verdict : Overall this place serves pretty good food and has a nice ambiance for all needs. Sit further out to the front to enjoy some good music and scenery, sit all the way back for a more proper dining mood. Try the pizza, pasta and Tiramisu cake while you are at it. 🙂

How to get there :

Address : 19, Jalan 17/45, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +603-7392 2261

Opening Hours : Daily. 1100 hours till 2300 hours.

Facebook hereDrive there using Waze here


2 thoughts on “Jeq In The House, Section 17, Petaling Jaya

  1. My gf and I paid a visit to Jeq on Sunday (6/4/15) and we ordered the big breakfast and eggs Benedict. The Benedict was alright but the big breakfast was a huge letdown. The sausage looks like it was store-bought, the eggs were unseasoned at all and the bread was hard. Really disappointing.

    The bright side was the ambiance was fine and music was good.

    NB Please let the owners know that they might want to invest on a mirror at the sink.

    1. Hi Adam,

      Sorry for the late reply, as we have been swamped with work of late. Yeah we have noticed that among the many dishes there we would say that the big breakfast wasn’t really our favorite. Might we suggest trying the Pizza or the Tiramisu cake (if you are up for something lighter instead)?

      Thanks for the comment, and your support in reading our blog! Also, it’s because of constructive criticism that the general standard of restaurants in Malaysia has been high. We Malaysians take our food very seriously. Cheers! 🙂

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