BEAM, Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur

BEAM. Bean Expedition At Manufactory.

BEAM is helmed by a group of coffee enthusiasts with years of experience under their belts, with some of them members of the local Caroma company which has been roasting beans for the past 50 years.

BEAM is located at Bandar Sri Damansara, a place where not many would venture into, but one is definitely guaranteed in for treat if you are willing to go off the beaten trail.

A gallery of green coffee beans from all sorts of single origins can be found here at BEAM. With the availability of digital roasters and of course, BEAM’s expertise, one can actually buy the green beans off BEAM and get them roasted here according to one’s taste. Or just get a cuppa there and then!

[Clockwise from Top : BEAM’s Signature Ice Coffee [RM 10.50]; Hazelnut Latte [RM 13.00]; Hazelnut Mocha [RM 13.00]; Japanese Matcha [RM 10.50]]

One thing the gNOMes can say is that they definitely know their coffee and how to make it. The Signature Ice Coffee was the kind of iced coffee that just got better as you went down the glass. A strong buttery flavor, followed by a very nice hint of citrus aftertaste. The Hazelnut Latte and Mocha was also as smooth as you would like, with excellent chocolatey and nutty flavors. Our favorite since Petit Noms. While, the Japanese Matcha was a smooth crowd-pleaser, smooth and non-powdery. 😀

In keeping with Malaysian traditions, this is also a place one can order a cup of traditional kopi-O, and Teh Peng. This is of course done with their own signature twist.

Handbrew Coffee [RM 12.00 for 18 grams of coffee]

Patrons can go for BEAM’s handbrew coffee, ‘strong’ coffee priced at RM 12 for 18g of coffee, ‘super strong’ coffee at RM 16 for 25g. While handbrew is not the only option available (there is also aeropress, chemex, siphon, etc.), it came strongly recommended by the staff. The term handbrew is used here at BEAM, but in other places one would generally refer to this technique as the pourover.

gNOMe 1 decided to go for Indian beans. The result? A strong cup with a pungent flavor similar to that of bitter herbal tea (minus the bitterness), and that was just when we were having it at approximately 90 degrees Celsius. As the cup grew colder, a hint of sweet endings followed as the clarity in the flavor shone through.

And oh, the baristas here are SUPER FRIENDLY and have a VAST KNOWLEDGE on coffee. Any inquiries? Just shoot!

Triple Cheese Panini [RM 17.00]

Man does not live by coffee alone! But by excellent Paleo paninis as well! True to its nature, triple cheese panini was absolutely cheesy and fragrant. It came with a sweet cream as well, which served to enhance the flavors.

Makan-La [RM 8.00]

An absolutely delightful piece of toast, served with a generous helping of butter and almonds. The kaya wasn’t too sweet, with a hint of savoury. The butter melted in your mouth upon comsumption. We would say it was really, really good. In short, just Order-La!

Japanese Seafood Salad [RM 19.00]

The salad would be a wiser choice if one is looking to eat clean. Greens thrown into one bowl topped with seafood and goma dressing, what we have here are prawns and salmon bits. The salmon was frozen beforehand, so it didn’t taste very fresh. Taste wise? Just alright.

Roasted Chicken Salad [RM 17.00]

Roasted chicken breast with thyme and rosemary, served together with a variety of greens such as arugula, cheery tomatoes, long beans and lettuce. The salad as a whole was alright, but forgettable. Once again, we felt that the salad was slightly on the pricey side, but if you have to really, really have to eat clean, then go for the salads. The gNOMes would cheat and go for the paninis instead 😛

[Left to Right : Santiago Cake [RM 5.90]; It’s Real Banana Cake [RM 3.90]]

While the trademark “When Coffee meets Tea” was not available, the gNOMes decided to go for separate cakes. Santiago cake was a little too sweet for our liking. While the banana cake was just right in sweetness, it was a little too dry for our liking unfortunately.

Verdict : This is one of the favorite places for the gNOMes to have their coffee fix now. The coffee culture here is absolutely intense, while maintaining this very likable sense of humility. Come for the coffee and the panini. Absolute gem.

How to get there :

Address : 25, Jalan Gangsa SD5/3B, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number : +603-6261 8255

Opening Hours : Daily 1100 hours till 2000 hours except TUESDAYS.

Facebook here; Email here


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