Le Cafe Memoire, TTDI

Tucked on the first floor in one of TTDI’s bustling area is Le Cafe Memoire. This humble cafe is located just right behind Artisan’s, above Legendary Foot Reflexology, and a few doors away from Penang Village/Peruvie-Peruvian Grilled Chicken.

Le Cafe Memoire boasts an array of Western Cuisine, from Salads to Burgers, Pastas and Steaks. One can also find a variety of coffee/drinks to pair with one’s mains.

The chef, Brian, whips up a storm at what he does best. One can expect to be served Italian fusion food here, starting with a cup of Joe, and ending with some French inspired desserts.

[Left to Right : Apple Juice [RM 10.00]; Carrot Juice [RM 10.00]]

Fresh fruit juices are always a winner in our books, what more can we say? Fruit juices here are priced at RM 10 per glass.

Caffe Alexzender [RM 13.00]

A cup of double espresso, cacao brown and hazelnut syrup. Served cold. Don’t be surprised at the thought of double espresso, this cup of Joe ain’t that strong. Coffee is pretty mild and has a hint of sweetness at the end note.

Smoked Duck Salad [RM 9.00]

Greens for you health conscious people topped with cheese, cucumber, tomatoes and a generous portion of smoked duck. Sliced duck was beautifully done, having a hint of smoke yet retaining the tenderness. The smoked duck gave a slightly salty touch to the greens, coupled with the sourish vinaigrette.

Mussels and Fries [RM 30.00]

French inspired mussels cooked in alcohol based sauce. gNOMe 2 never liked mussels, they tend to be overcooked, tough and chewy, but the ones here were nicely done. Soft and tender with seasoning done right, and nicely infused with alcohol.

Creamy Bacon Pasta [RM 14.00]

Bacon carbonara with handmade fettucine. It’s actually rather impressive for the chef to be making his own pasta. Fettucine is slightly thicker than the ones you can get off the shelves, topped with bacon bits and cream sauce. Noticed that the chef LOVES coriander? Coriander seems to be present in nearly every dish. Well no complaints for gNOMe 2 because she loves them 🙂 but might not be a plus point for many.

Seafood Aglio Olio [RM 15.00]

Spaghetti done aglio olio style with squid, prawns, mussles, garlic, capsicum and chilli flakes. Nothing too impressive about the aglio olio, however, it came with an abundance of fresh seafood. YUMS!

Japanese Curry Pasta [RM 17.50]

Fettucine with japanese curry, diced chicken, carrots and onions. And not forgetting, a sprinkle of coriander. Well, this pasta blew us away! Thick, fragrant and flavourful Japanese Curry sauce mixed evenly with homemade fettucine. Order this!

Duck Confit [RM 26.00]

Duck confit served with mixbean salad and orange sauce. The duck leg was rather tender and the sauce flavourful, though this dish did not manage to tug at our hearts.

Pork Chop [RM 25.00]

Two slabs of grilled pork marinated in Mongolian BBQ sauce. The pork chop was rather tender and juicy, considering that it was quite thick. Nevertheless, it was lacking the ‘Pork Chop‘ punch it needed.

Pepperoni Pizza

Pizzas are still not out on the new menu yet, but will make their appearance soon. Thin crusted pizza, topped with pepperoni, onions and cheese.

Deluxe Pork Burger [RM 18.50]

One of the most eye pleasing burgers I have ever seen. Bacon strips, pork patty with sunny side up, sandwiched between 2 pieces of charcoal buns. Sunny side up was done well, bacon patty was thick, juicy and flavourful. A good pick we must say, if one is up for burgers.

Nutty Bacon Sundae [RM 11.00]

Crispy bacon strip, vanilla ice cream at the top, calamansi ice cream at the bottom, mixed nuts and caramel sauce all served together. This was absolutely amazing and delectable, with the vanilla ice cream providing the ‘hearty’ factor and the calamansi ice cream giving one the thirst quenching punch.

Strawberry Tart [RM 10.00]

For you strawberry lovers! Thin pastry below, fresh strawberries on top, cream in between. What more can we say?

Brownie [RM 16.00]

Sinful and rich chocolate brownie served with coconut ice cream. The combination of both the sinful brownie and the refreshing coconut ice cream was indeed delightful. Order this to end your meal.

Verdict : This place surprisingly serves good food. Our pick would be the Smoked Duck Salad, Creamy Bacon Pasta, Japanese Curry Pasta and end your day with either Nutty Bacon Sundae, Strawberry Tart or just plain ol’ Brownies. We have got to give them brownie points for the price tag, it is slightly below the market range and indeed affordable.

Just one thing to note. This place has an open kitchen concept, so be prepared for aroma wafting through from time to time. It may be pleasant at first, but may tend to be annoying much later. Thus, be prepared to return home smelling of smoke.

This place do offer outdoor seating, but it might be the smoke from ciggs that will turn you off instead.

How to get there :

Address : 7A, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number : +603-7731 7574

Opening Hours : 0900 hours till 2300 hours daily EXCEPT MONDAYS


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