D-Buri Buri, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya

Scouring Damansara Uptown on Saturdays has been our mission for the past few weeks. Despite putting the effort to try something new every weekend, there are still so many eateries to cover within the vicinity. *cries

While passing along the stretch that houses O Banh Mi, we stumbled upon D-Buri Buri, a relatively new Japanese Donburi Restaurant. Just about 2 months old, D-Buri serves a variety of Donburi (Japanese rice bowl dish), Udon and other Japanese appetizers.

Gyu Don [RM 14.80]

Sauteed beef with onions and onsen tamago (egg) rice bowl served with miso soup. For the whole month of May, purchase any Donburi and D-buri will throw in a serving of side salad, miso soup and a drink. Complimentary.

While the Onsen tamago is very much done very well, the beef being nicely juicy, there seems to be something missing to the whole mix. Perhaps a specific ingredient lacking in the sauce.

Gyu Tataki [RM 10.80]

One of the best Gyu Tataki that has ever graced our tastebuds is at Aka Momiji in Ipoh. But unfortunately, we are not too sure if the same can be said right now.

The sauce was definitely done right, as the balance of the savoury, sweet and sour was nicely executed. However the beef itself was a little too dry, which ruined the overall mix.

Spicy Moya Itame [RM 5.80]

Stir fried nga choi (bean sprouts) with in house special chili paste. Well, gNOMe 2 can’t justify why she even ordered this in the first place. The bean sprouts were fresh, the in house chili paste tasted rather alright. Not a slightest hint of spiciness for the Malaysian tastebuds though.

Chawanmushi [RM 4.30] 

Not the most eye pleasing Chawanmushi you will ever see. Nor is this one of the best Chawanmushi you will ever taste. Just a normal Chawanmushi.

Potato Salad

The complimentary potato salad comes with a like on the Facebook page. One for those are on salad diets.

Verdict : Overall this place is your average Japanese food place, but with the amount of restaurants owned by Japanese popping up all over the place, one would wonder how they can compete with the impressive food places up on offer. Nevertheless they do provide good and sincere customer service.

How to get there :

Address : No 3, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21/56B, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +603-771 3150

Opening Hours : Daily. 1100 hours till 2200 hours.

Facebook here


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