Cafe 9 – A Taste of Thai, Section 17, Petaling Jaya

Opened by 9 family members, Cafe 9 is not your ordinary Thai Restaurant. The chef at Cafe 9 draws inspirations from a variety of cuisines, and gives it a Thai touch. Of course, with that being said, Thai cuisine is also served here, slightly tweaked to cater to the Malaysian taste buds.IMG_3696

Located at Section 17, PJ, Cafe 9 is situated just beside Kanna Curry House. Finding a parking spot around this area may be a challenge, so arrive much earlier than the crowd for your lunch fix.

Patrons are given a small cup of Tom Yum soup prior to feasting. The small dose of Tom Yum soup indeed wakes the taste buds up with the sweetness and sourish twang to it. Now who’s ready to feast?

[Left to Right : Thai Iced Milk Tea; Iced Red Lime]

Drinks to quench one’s thirst! If you have tried the Thai Iced Milk Tea in Bangkok, you will find the Thai Iced Milk Tea there annoyingly SWEET. The one here at Cafe 9 feels slightly watered down, but at least, not that sweet.

Tom Yum Soup [RM 25.90 Regular; RM 45.90 Large]

One can also opt for the clear Tom Yum Soup to suit your preference. The Tom Yum soup has the fiery factor, but slightly lacking the body we have hoped for. Seafood on the other hand were plentiful and fresh.

Chicken Fried Rice [RM 10.00]

Fried the Chinese style, the Chicken Fried Rice is just alright. The fried rice lacks the ‘wok hei‘ (wok fire) and is rather easily forgettable. 😦

[Left to Right : Thai Prawn Cakes [RM 18.90]; Thai Fish Cakes [RM 18.90]]

Both appetizers are pretty appetizing (no pun intended), one can tell that fresh and top notch ingredients were used into making these appetizers.

Thai Styled Fried Chicken Wings [RM 16.90]

Chicken wings de-boned, stuffed with glass noodles, black fungus and cabbage strips, then deep fried till golden brown. The chicken wings were pretty enjoyable, one do not have to go through the trouble of de-boning the wings. Fragrant, crispy and rather addictive!

Dancing Fish [RM 44.90 Small, RM 49.90 Large]

Inspired by Indonesian cuisine with a slight tweak, the Dancing Fish is done Indonesian style and topped with Papaya Salad. There you go! We found this combination pretty interesting, the fresh fish deep fried till crispy, and the Papaya salad giving the whole affair a sweet and sour end note.

Thai Style Claypot Glass Noodles with Prawns [RM 25.90]

Claypot glass noodles with a generous serving of fresh prawns. The whole affair was rather delectable, we would prefer this dish as our complex carb supplement than the Chicken Fried Rice.

Thai Otak Otak [RM 23.90]

The Otak Otak proved to be one of our favorites, Seafood Otak Otak served with sweet bits of coconut flesh. The Otak Otak was indeed fluffy and yummy, with hints of santan (coconut milk) fragrance with each bite.

Broccoli in Signature Egg Sauce [RM 15.90]

A Chinese inspired cuisine to provide the necessary greens for one’s consumption.

Massaman Curry Chicken [RM 18.90]

The spicy factor for the Massaman Curry has been toned down to cater to the Malaysian taste buds, but nevertheless, this dish still packs a punch! Another gNOMe favourite. The curry was very flavorful with a strong aftertaste of spices, thick and nicely seasoned. Bits of chicken and potatoes can be found in the curry, this dish goes beautifully well with plain white rice.

Stir Fried Lala in Spicy Sauce

Another mouth watering dish by Cafe 9. Fresh, succulent lala stir fried with chef’s spicy sauce. The sauce, albeit slightly spicy, has a nice santan aftertaste to it. A dish perfect to be paired with steamed, fluffy white rice.

Verdict : This place is a place with interesting food. There are several dishes that do particularly well. Although this place cannot have Halal certification due to selling beer, the sauces and meat they use are from Halal sources. So this place is recommended for our Muslim readers. 🙂

How to get there :

Address : No 27, Jalan 17/45, 46400 Petaling Jaya

Opening Hours : Wednesdays to Mondays. 1100 hours till 2200 hours. CLOSED ON MONDAYS.

Contact Number : +603-7932 2899

Facebook here


19 thoughts on “Cafe 9 – A Taste of Thai, Section 17, Petaling Jaya

  1. Omg I love the tom Yam soup… In fact I love how all your food looks in your blog… Making me hungry le!! Must learn more from you! Thx so much for sharing btw, hard to find a decent enough Thai restaurant. Will check this place out with my family (maybe during Raya) hehe

  2. I went Cafe 9 for review before too. The food were okay to me. Would love to have their kuey teow again. Check out mine too:

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