Yellow Brick Road & Wicked Pancake Parlour, Jalan Batai, Kuala Lumpur

So our second trip to Yellow Brick Road has finally proved to be a success! 😀 We had to wait for 45 minutes the first time round so we ended up at Sitka instead. This time round, we came on a Thursday and slightly earlier than the lunch crowd, so we were seated immediately.

Also, situated right above Yellow Brick Road (reference to the Wizard of Oz!) is Wicked Pancake Parlour (coincidence?). Both of these cafes actually share the same owners (surprise, surprise), so patrons who are seated at Yellow Brick Road are given options to order from Wicked Pancake Parlour and vice versa. Such flexibility!

Yellow Brick Road & Wicked Pancake Parlour 

Yellow Brick Road prides themselves in good coffee and hearty meals, whereas Wicked Pancake Parlour dishes out a variety of pancakes.

Specialty Coffee [RM 25.00]

Under the leadership of the Malaysian Barista Champion, this place uses a variety of brewing techniques to produce cups of coffee. Also utilizing seasonal coffee from several single yield farms, the coffee served here will redefine your boundaries of coffee flavor and taste. The coffee is also served in a sake bottle to preserve the heat for maximum enjoyment. gNOMe 1 was thoroughly impressed and gained a new appreciation for coffee just by drinking it. The characteristics of the bean really shining through a perfectly balanced cup of coffee. In the Barista’s own words, “This is a really good cup of coffee,”

Latte [RM 11.00]

Smooth and fragrant, the Latte is always the litmus test for the gNOMes somehow. This cuppa passed with flying colors. Handling acidity very well is indeed the strength of this cafe.

Mac & Cheese [RM 16.00]

Our classic Mac & Cheese came with additional mushrooms [RM 3.00]. This was absolutely spot on. From the texture of the macaroni to the cheese (which we believe was feta, not being cheese connoisseurs). The gNOMes were fighting for the last bite of this dish.

Sweet Mash of Mine [RM 20.00]

Suitable for vegetarians, this main consists of Sweet Potato Mash, Basil Pesto, Ricotta Cheese & Avocado topped with 2 Poached Eggs, Black Sesame and Sunflower Seeds on 2 slices of Rye Bread. The eggs were beautifully poached, sweet potato mash giving a hint of sweetness to the rather bland Rye. Bits of Ricotta Cheese with slices of Avocado laced with pesto brings this dish to another level. A particularly pleasing main.

The Breakfast Pancake [RM 20.00]

A platter of savoury pancakes served with Granola, Dried Cranberries, Creamed yoghurt with honey, Fresh mangoes, Passion fruit and Blueberries. The pancakes were fluffy and together with the combination of fruits with granola, this dish is just delectable and hearty.

Verdict : Indeed a cafe that is good and excels at many things. Normally one would have to queue to enter the cafe, but rest assured that it is worth the wait. Don’t be shy to ask about the coffee as well if you want to learn, as the gNOMes were pleasantly surprised at the willingness of the baristas to explain about the coffee. The gNOMes have been a few times and will be back again.

How to get there :

Address : 8-7, Jalan Batai, 50940 Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours :

Mondays to Thursdays, Sundays. 0900 hours till 1700 hours.

Fridays & Saturdays. 0900 hours till 2200 hours.

Contact Number : +603-2035 5922

Facebook here


21 thoughts on “Yellow Brick Road & Wicked Pancake Parlour, Jalan Batai, Kuala Lumpur

    1. Hi Isabel 🙂 Everything here is pretty satisfying, though we won’t be that quick to conclude that this is THE PLACE for year 2015. Try it for yourself and let us know. 🙂

      The pancakes itself is savoury, whereas the fresh fruits are sweet. A good combination in our opinion 🙂

  1. Never know Jalan Batai has such good stuff… Seriously, after graduation from HELP, the cafe open at that area rapidly. Sigh. Why don’t they open earlier? I have hard time finding things to eat when staying at hostel.. T.T

  2. Wow! That is mouthwatering ❤ And it seems very cheap as well…

    Followed you for more of your blog! ❤


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