Capitol – Nasi Dagang Kelantan, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya

Both gNOMes have always pass by Capitol every Saturday morning, and finally, we managed to get a slice of what this place has to offer.

Capitol is run by a Kelantanese family, catering to the locals in Klang Valley as well as those from the East Coast whom are residing in the Klang Valley. Be rest assured that they food here is Halal. πŸ™‚

3 cheers for Nasi Dagang, yay! πŸ˜€

Both gNOMes have had their fair share of good Nasi Dagang and Laksam. So, hopefully we will be able to find a joint that satisfies us.

Roti Bakar Kahwin [RM 3.50]

Like most of the Kopi Tiam (coffee shops) in the East Coast, Roti Kahwin is always easily available on the menu. Typical roti bakar with butter and kaya (coconut egg jam). Crispy, delicious and of course, hearty. Paired them with Hot/Iced Coffee for a complete meal.

Nasi Dagang with Sambal Sotong [RM 11.90]

Glutinous rice with home made spicy sambal, pickles, hard boiled egg, salted fish and a side dish of your choice. The Sambal Sotong was fragrant and done pretty well. Not too spicy, though the portion is a tad small.

Nasi Dagang Gulai Ikan Tongkol with Beef Rendang [RM 11.90]

Nasi Dagang Gulai Ikan Tongkol is always gNOMe 2’s favourite. She was feeling a tad festive that day (it was Raya Day 2), so she ordered Beef Rendang as well. Seasoned rather well, fragrant andΒ pretty satisfying.Β Overall the Nasi Dagang is delectable, though not the best she has had.

Laksam – Kelantanese Laksa [RM 7.90]

One must learn how to pronounce the Kelantanese way. Say ‘LAKSEH!’ πŸ˜€ Rice noodles with thick fish gravy, garnished with raw greens. The gNOMes really love Laksam ever since trying it out in company luncheons. The expectations were high. Unfortunately this time the broth wasn’t as thick and intense as we had hoped for. It did taste slightly diluted to us.

Verdict : Generally a nice place to get your Kelantanese food fix, though of course, food back in Kelantan wins hands down. Always packed to the brim on weekends. Do come early to get a place, or try your luck on weekdays. Come for the food and stay for a feel of the East Coast.

How to get there :

Address : 29, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Uptown, 47400 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +6012-921 5200

Opening Hours : Daily. 0830 hours till 1630 hours.

Facebook here


31 thoughts on “Capitol – Nasi Dagang Kelantan, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya

  1. NOMs should go try this kelantanese cafe in Putrajaya called Serabei. They were on TV a few months back so I went. Place kinda small but their Laksam is sooooo gooooood. Owned by a kelantanese family. Their Nasi Dagang ikan tongkol is a Terengganu variant but everything on their menu is home cooked.. You must try!!

    1. Hi Tengku Zaf! Thank you for stopping by and giving us suggestions! Very much appreciated and thank you!

      We will surely stop by Serabei one fine day as we are in the hunt for a GOOD BOWL of Laksam. Slurps! πŸ˜€ Thank you for the recommendations!

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