Raku Pizza 楽ピザ, SS15, Subang Jaya

こんにちは! Now who is a big fan of anything related to the Japanese? This time round we will be introducing the latest craze that’s happening in SS15, Subang Jaya. Tonkatsu Ramen, Yakitori, Japanese Curry, Sushi and Sashimi are pretty easy to come by nowadays. But have you ever tried on Japanese styled pizza before?

Raku Pizza dishes out an array of Japanese styled pizza and also introduces a new “Build Your Own” pizza concept whereby patrons get to create pizzas according to their liking from scratch!

If one is new to this place, may we suggest getting your hands on their Signatures pizzas. Once you have gotten a hang of it, why not customize your own? 😀

Their pizzas comes only in 8.5″ size, and is usually cut into slices of 6. The advantage Raku Pizza boasts over other generic pizza stores is that they only serve thin pizza crusts. Lesser dough, crunchier texture.

Now, bring over the signatures!

Tony Chopper [RM 11.90]

Herb dough pizza topped with Teriyaki Sauce, Cheese, Mushrooms, Japanese Mayo and Shredded Seaweed. The most basic pizza that Raku Pizza dishes out. Nothing but just Cheese and Mushrooms.

Tokyo Delight [RM 11.90]

Plain dough pizza topped with Curry Sauce, Boiled Potatoes, Cheese, Mentai Mayo and Shredded Seaweed. We were not really a big fan of this though.

Fujiyama Sunrise [RM 12.90]

Fancy a little meat on your pizza? Fujiyama Sunrise is a topped with Kaarage Chicken, Chicken Ham, Chicken Sausage and Beef Pepperoni. Meat lovers, this will definitely sit well with you. 🙂

Americano Sumo [RM 12.90]

Charcoal based dough with Cheese, Beef Pepperoni, Sweet Onion, Sweet Corn, Wasabi Mayo and Shredded Seaweed. Not really big fans of the sweet onion and sweet corn topping on this pizza. The Wasabi Mayo wasn’t too pungent nor overpowering, suitable for those who aren’t really big fans of the horseradish paste.

Sakurajima Lava [RM 12.90]

Another Charcoal based pizza topped with Teriyaki Sauce, Cheese, Grilled Chicken, Sweet Onions, Onsen Tamago, Japanese Mayo and Shredded Seaweed. This was undoubtedly the best we had, thanks to existence of the Onsen Tamago. Moist and flavourful. Who doesn’t like runny eggs? 😀

Aomori Geisha [RM 11.90] 

This pizza consisting of Cheese, Mixed Salad, Wakame, Tofu, Sesame Dressing is specially crafted for the vegetarians or those seeking a meatless type of pizza. Nothing much to shout about though, I guess both gNOMes are just plain carnivores 😛

[Left to Right : Wafu Curry Prawn Katsu Udon [RM 13.90];

Tama-Toji Chicken Katsu Don [RM 11.90 (Medium) / RM 14.90 (Large)]

Raku Pizza also serves a variety of Udon and Donburi. The gNOMes had a good time chowing on the udon. The Japanese curry had a nice, thick texture and was nicely seasoned. The Ebi was lightly battered before deep fried, giving it a crunchy texture to it.

The Tama-Toji Chicken Katsu Don is a bowl of Japanese Donburi topped with fried chicken fillet, egg, onions and covered with their specialty sauce. Sauce was indeed delightful and fragrant, with tender chicken fillet to go with.

DIY Pizza [from RM 7.90 onwards]

Finally we were given a chance to customize our pizza from scratch. All pizzas (dough + sauce + cheese) are priced at RM 7.90, additional toppings are charged separately.

Step 1 : Choose your pizza crust (Plain/Herb/Charcoal)

Step 2 : Choose your sauce (Japanese Curry/Wasabi Mayo/Teriyaki/Miso)

Step 3 : Choose your toppings (toppings are priced between RM 1.00 to RM 7.90)

Both gNOMes built their DIY pizza this way : Herb Crust + Japanese Curry + Soft Shell Crabs [RM 7.90] + Onsen Tamago [RM 2.00] + Mushrooms [RM 1.50] + Extra Cheese [RM 3.50] + Tuna [RM 3.50]

The outcome proved to be a successful combination, though we could do without the Tuna. The Soft Shell Crabs were amazing, and topped with the Onsen Tamago, it was an explosion of taste upon the first bite. Though we had extra Cheese, the aroma and flavour did not really stand out. And among all the sauces, we have concluded Japanese Curry sauce is our favourite and suits us best.

Verdict : Both gNOMes had a fair mix of good pizzas and average pizzas right here. Remember to eat it quickly before it turns cold, as this will make the pizza base soggy. On the other hand, we were surprised that they fare rather well with the Udon and Donburi. If the gNOMes would return anytime soon, it will definitely be a DIY pizza kinda day.

How to get there :

Address : No. 80, Jalan SS15/4D, 47500 Subang Jaya

Contact Number : +603-5631 2188

Opening Hours : Daily 1100 hours till 2200 hours

Facebook here

More details on Raku Pizza via Foodink here


26 thoughts on “Raku Pizza 楽ピザ, SS15, Subang Jaya

  1. I love your food reviews! Fujiyama Sunrise is definitely my favourite! Even though I haven’t tasted it but the picture and the ingredients is already hot on my list!

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