Fifth Palate, Encorp Garden Strand Office, Kota Damansara

Just barely 1 week old, we managed to find Fifth Palate quietly tucked within the grey brick walls of Encorp Garden Strand Office. If you are familiar with KD, finding your way to Fifth Palate wouldn’t be much of a trouble. If you are not, let us help you. gNOMe tip : Waze yourself to Giant Hypermarket KD. Encorp Garden Strand Office is just located right beside.

Once you have managed to find Encorp Garden Strand Office, get to the parking area. There will be more than enough direction signs to guide you around. 🙂

Fifth Palate is a family business, with dad behind the scene preparing home made yoghurts, brother working his magic in the kitchen and the sister, spearheading the friendly ground crew.

What an interesting name huh? 🙂 The name immediately caught our attention so we decided to pay a visit over the weekend. The whole place emits a rather comfy vibe and ambiance, and with a generous amount of natural lighting pouring into the cafe.

After browsing their menu, we liked the fact that they decided to keep the menu small and simple. Not too ambitious, just nice for a cafe that just recently opened its’ doors to the public. Nevertheless, we believe they will expand their menu once things stabilizes.

[Left to Right : Hot Chocolate [RM 11.00]; Peach Passion Soda [RM 11.00]]

The cup of Hot Chocolate was indeed delightful, very rich and chocolate-y. With the first sip, one can tell they do not skimp on cocoa. Generous and yummy!

Peach Passion Soda was also a very refreshing drink that is sure to quench the thirsty one.

Sous Vide Sake Chicken [RM 25.00]

A plate of whole chicken leg/chicken breast with bouillon sake sauce, with side salad and mashed potato. gNOMe 2 was contemplating between this dish and the baked eggs, but the thought of having Sake Chicken is more intriguing. The whole chicken leg although albeit small (for our appetites), was fresh, tender, very juicy and succulent. The sauce which accompanied added a beautiful touch, with it’s slightly creamy and savoury base. Mashed potatoes were lightly seasoned, though the pepper-ish taste was rather apparent. And the side salad? Fresh greens with twangy sauce. The whole ensemble just screams yums!

Everybody Loves Ramen [RM 21.00]

A bowl of pipping hot ramen with poached egg, slow braised pork belly, apricot mushrooms in shoyu broth. This was actually quite a decent bowl of ramen, considering that this isn’t quite a Japanese restaurant. Even though it’s not at the level of actual Ramen specialty shops, dare we say it is better than Sushi Zanmai. The Char Siew was pretty well done, thick, juicy with minimal fats. Just the way we like our Char Siew.

Verdict : This place has to potential to genuinely do very well. Keeping the menu small, having a nice atmosphere in the restaurant. The food is also very well done. Not to mention, the service here is admirable, with friendly ground crews running from table to table making small talks. The gNOMes would surely return here again. 🙂

How to get there :

Address : Block D-G-1, Encorp Strand Garden Office, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya (Waze location here)

Contact Number : +603-6144 0055

Opening Hours : Daily EXCEPT WEDNESDAYS. 1000 hours till 1800 hours.

Facebook here 


33 thoughts on “Fifth Palate, Encorp Garden Strand Office, Kota Damansara

  1. That day went to The Strand and found a lot of cafe nearby that area. Eventually I went to Bmon Cafe. Next time when I am around KD, I shall go to check out Fifth Palate.

  2. again, some amazing looking food, from the outside of the restaurant i might never walk in, so thanks to your review now i know what’s serving inside

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