Two Scones One Cup, Section 17, Petaling Jaya

When we first heard of this place, we were excited that there’s a fairly new place in the neighbourhood which prides on their scones. We mean, why name themselves 2 Scones and 1 Cup then? One of the the best scones we have had was in Cameron Highlands, and since then, we have been craving for really good ones. After checking them out on FB and noticing comments such as ‘One of the Best Scones We Have Tried‘, so we were all sold.

Parking is a tad of a hassle there,ย well this place has been quite infamous for the lack of parking spaces anyway. Also, Two Scones One Cup has mains on the menu, thus, it’s not entirely a tea time place.

The place is brightly litted with natural sunlight, with the interior mostly furnished with IKEA furnishing.

Earl Grey Lavender Tea [RM 9.00]

A pot of tea is enough for two, and the teabags are from Gryphon’s. Feeling a little bit quaint? Get a pot of tea to go with your scones.

All Day Breakfast [RM 12.90]

An interesting way to start your day, with a breakfast platter. Seems like standard fare, though the mushrooms and sausage was pretty much noteworthy.

Mix Platter [RM 17.90]

Armed with that wonderful sausage from the other platter, this plate is off to the right start. But add a nice helping of fried calamari, absolutely juicy and well-spiced chicken, and brilliantly made mashed potatoes, this becomes an automatic winner. The mashed potatoes were so good that the gNOMes even ordered an extra helping to satiate their cravings.ย The mashed potatoes were chunky, much to our delight, but yet soft enough to melt in one’s mouth. Creamy and pretty well seasoned.

Mushroom Risotto [RM 13.90]

Now the gNOMes don’t claim to be an expert in risottos, but this was by far the best one we’ve had just yet. The cream sauce was perfectly done, bringing the best out of the mushrooms. The only way this would’ve been better is if the texture of the rice was slightly less mushy.

Spicy Cream with Seafood Spaghetti [RM 16.90]

The spicy cream pasta came as a surprise, pasta with cream based sauce topped with seafood and chilli padi! Of course, based on the gNOMes’ standard, it wasn’t spicy enough ๐Ÿ˜› but yet, an interesting take to the dish. The pasta wasn’t exactly al Dante, slightly overcooked unfortunately. Nevertheless, this dish sat quite well with the gNOMes, if only the pasta was al Dante!

Chicken Chop [RM 15.90]

Any dish with our favorite mashed potatoes automatically wins points. Originally plated with chips, the management was kind enough to accommodate our request to have it changed to mashed potatoes, and boy did that pay off. The chicken thigh was nicely grilled, juicy and succulent. The sauce that accompanied it albeit a tad oily, was filled with black pepper in abundance and chopped onions, making it rather fragrant and tasty.

Scones 2 Pieces [RM 9.00]

Lastly was supposed to be the piece de resistance. The namesake of the restaurant. Unfortunately all their good work was undone that day. Maybe it was an off day, but the scones offered little assurance to the gNOMes that this place was appropriately-named. Instead the gNOMes were treated to a more dry and flaky affair, leaving us wanting and of course, rather disappointed. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Verdict : Overall getting a lot right and serving good food all across the board. Paying a trip here for their mains proved to be a good decision. Nevertheless, there are many rave reviews about their scones, but not a view shared by the gNOMes. We are willing to try it again sometime later, we really hope that was just an off day.

How to get there :

Address :ย 627, Jalan 17/8, Section 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +6012-613 8200

Opening Hours : Daily except MONDAYS. 1000 hours till 2200 hours.

Facebook hereย 


19 thoughts on “Two Scones One Cup, Section 17, Petaling Jaya

  1. seldom go that area, didn’t know there’s scones to eat there. Shall mark this down if I am going there. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. beautiful mix platter there.. i’m a meat person, hence I can appreciate a good platter of meaty noms!

    btw 2 scones 1 cup, this actually reminds me of a nasty video i saw online a long time ago, and mind you its NSFW nasty type. “2girls1cup” it’s horrible.. wonder if the owners got their inspiration from that. which is pretty shocking to say the least. ok sorry i brought this up.

  3. the scones only at the end, i was looking for it since it appeared in the name haha. always love a good scone, and the other dishes really look amazing too.

  4. wow the name stated to be having the best scones. too bad it kinda disappointing! The risotto looks nice, not a fan of that but it have been my love to try dish hehe!

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