Ah Tuan Ee’s Place, SS2, Petaling Jaya

Ah Tuan Ee’s Place started off when Mr Frankie Cheah decided to pay tribute in loving memory of his mother, Madam Lim Chye Tuan. Hailing from Penang, Madam Lim is very well known for her Nyonya dishes as well as her Penang home cooked dishes. There are some good Nyonya cuisine in the island, notably Nyonya Breeze, Mama’s but the quality of these establishments have spiraled down pretty much over the years.

The gNOMes decided to try this place out after knowing Ah Tuan Ee’s Place serves Penang home cooked dishes. Well, Penang people will always be attracted to its’ own, ain’t it? 😛

Located just beside 7-Eleven and on the same row New Paris, SS2, this place isn’t that hard to find.

Table for 5 please! Here we go!

Gulai Tumis [RM 36.80 – Medium]

Fresh slices of fish cooked in spicy & sourish gravy. The fish cuts were indeed fresh, with lady fingers thrown in. The gravy was well seasoned, but sadly, a tad diluted for our looking. Gulai Tumis’ gravy should usually be thick so that it goes well when paired with white rice.

Jeu Hoo Char [RM 29.80 – Medium]

A very typical Penang Nyonya dish. Strips of turnip cooked with sliced cuttlefish, mushrooms, carrots and cabbages. And this is usually served with sambal belachan and fresh lettuce. The Jeu Hoo Char was slightly under seasoned, although the sambal belachan and the greens were a good pairing. Nevertheless, this dish did not have the correct and enough ‘wok hei‘ which was a disappointment to the gNOMEs. gNOMe 2’s mum’s Jeu Hoo Char still wins hands down 🙂

Sambal Prawns with Petai [RM 38.80 – Small]

Though slightly on the oily side, this dish was totally palatable. Prawns were fresh, juicy and succulent, with fresh and not overly done petai (smelly beans). The inclusion of sliced onions added the extra oomph, elevating it to a whole level. Gone in seconds (okay minutes we mean 😛), needless we say? 😀

Perut Ikan [RM 29.80 – Medium]

This dish is a dying art, even among the Nyonya community here. 12 different types of herbs thrown in with pineapple, prawns and pickled fish maw, cooked for hours till it achieves the correct texture. If cooked correctly, this dish is truly aromatic, fragrant, slightly spicy with a twang of sourish base. This Perut Ikan at Ah Tuan Ee’s Place was done well, all of us enjoyed this dish till the last bite. Fragrant and very delectable.

aTe’s Golden Tau Hoo [RM 22.80 – Small]

Deep fried bean curds served in a choice of non-spicy/spicy gravy topped with minced meat.

Verdict : Albeit a tad steep on the price tag, at least they do not skim on the ingredients. Pretty good quality stuffs they use here.

How to get there :

Address : 74, SS2/72, 47300 Petaling Jaya.

Contact Number : +603-7710 3603

Opening Hours : Daily 1000 hours till 2200 hours


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