Kedai Masakan Itek Taika Huat (八里半大家发鸭肉), Skudai, Johor Bahru

Established in the 1970’s, Taika Huat is famed for their Teochew Styled Braised Duck. Just a crash course on Teochew Styled Braised Duck. This cooking method is of course different from the Roasted Duck recipe which one can find easily in Penang and in PJ/KL. The fowl is usually marinated prior and then braised for a few hours to attain the soft yet succulent meat, yet retaining the necessary flavour.


A Teochew himself, the owner, Mr Qua prides in his family recipes where these recipes were handed down generation after generation. Patrons near and far are willing to travel the miles just to have a cut of the braised duck and a plate of pork trotters. What makes it so good besides the age old recipes? The fact that Mr Qua tends to the preparation and the cooking of these delicacies himself.

This eatery has been visited and patronized by politicians and foodies alike.

Business starts at 0830 hours, and this place will be bustling till the last fowl is sold out or when it’s 1600 hours. Come early to avoid any disappointment. 🙂

Bean Curd Skin [RM 6.00]

Bean curd skin in ‘bak kut teh‘ styled herbal-ish kind of broth. Usually served to pacify hangry (hungry + angry) customers who would need to wait a little bit for the popular food here. For the hangry, this makes for a good starter.

[Clockwise from top : Stewed Eggs [RM 1/pc] + Bean Curd [RM 1/pc]; Pig Trotter [RM 23.00];

White Rice [RM 1/bowl]; Stewed Duck [RM 9.00/portion]; Kueh Teow [RM 1.50/bowl]

Pig Trotters [RM 23.00]

The crown jewel of this restaurant. Move aside, all other pretenders, because this one is THE REAL DEAL. Proudly-Teochew in braising and extracting the most from the gelatin in the meat, this dish is bound to make you order as much rice as possible. As the proud owner cheekily states, “Our pig trotters is just about number 2, but no one else is number 1!”

Braised Duck [RM 18.00]

Teochew-style braised duck is special in the sense that one does not have to contend with the bony nature of duck meat that tends to destroy one’s duck dining experience. Tender duck in a thick braised sauce, if paired with sourish and spicy chili, this is one to savour.

Verdict : A generational favorite with a star-studded clientele, this is surprisingly one of Johor Bahru’s best-kept secrets. Seriously consider making your trip here, if not for anything else, for the pig’s trotters. Sorry to our Muslim readers, though!

How to get there :

Address : 1-B, Jalan Skudai Batu 8 1/2, Skudai, 81300 Johor Bahru

Contact Number : +6017-763 2188

Opening Hours : DAILY 0830 hours till 1600 hours.


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