Castell Gastrobar, Section 16, Petaling Jaya

Helmed as the Best Steak Restaurant in town, Castell Gastrobar has been stamping its’ mark for decades. With a recent change in management as well as the nephew of the original owners of Castell Gastrobar spearheading the frontier, Castell Gastrobar is now back in action, dishing out favourite old timers such as Stilton Steak Special, Baked King Prawns and Castell Spring Chicken and new creations by Chef John Lee such as Dragon Wings and Sang Har Pasta to foodies both young and old.

Located at a rather quiet spot at Section 16, Castell Gastrobar is overshadowed by the overhead bridge if you are heading from Section 13 towards Section 16. Be on the look out for Malgudi Classic Indian Cuisine or Serta Mattress shop on the left side and you will see Castell Gastrobar in no time. 🙂

Moving on, to the food! 😀

[Left to Right : Fresh Orange Juice [RM 9.90]; Margarita [RM 22.90]]

Freshly squeezed orange juice to soothe the throat. What more can you say?

Margarita on the other hand packs a punch. Refreshing, slightly strong on the tequila but yet, not too much to get you tipsy after the first. 🙂 One of their best sellers here at Castell. During happy hours (1200 hours till 2000 hours DAILY!), the Margarita goes for RM 18.00 nett.

Spinach Salad [RM 23.00]

Baby spinach tossed with walnuts, bacon stripes, tomatoes, cubed feta cheese and served with vinaigrette. A very interesting take to your usual bowl of salad, opting for baby spinach instead of romaine lettuce. A bowl of oh-so-healthy greens with oh-so-fresh ingredients is sure to start the meal on the right note. And oh, haven’t you heard that spinach is an excellent source of Vitamin K & Vitamin E? 😉

Castell’s Crab Bisque [RM 28.00]

A soup of the French origin that is classically based on the strained broth of crustaceans. This bowl of creamy crab bisque elevates and opens up the taste buds with every spoonful. Thick, creamy, flavourful and fragrant with fresh ingredients. Drained till the last drop.

Baked Portobello Mushrooms [RM 28.00]

Two pieces of lightly grilled juicy portobello mushrooms baked with bacon and cheese. This particular dish sat very well with gNOMe 1, as the mushrooms were very juicy and fresh. What more, the mushrooms were served hot, with a layer of melting cheese right above to seal the deal.

Tex-Mex Mutton Nachos [RM 22.00]

Nachos topped with minced mutton, salsa fresca, Mozarella cheese, jalapeño and served with sour cream. This isn’t your typical mexican dish. Chef John proudly gave this a twist by using Mutton instead of Beef/Chicken, giving the whole dish a different experience. Jalapeño on the other hand gave a ‘fiery’ note to the nachos. One of gNOMe 2’s favourites, she wished that she can have more of these please!

Castell Stilton Special [RM 88.00]

8 oz of Australian pasture fed Angus Tenderloin served with beef bacon and topped with Stilton cheese. According to Chef John, Stilton cheese falls in the range of Blue cheese but more easygoing on the saltiness (i.e. less salty). So blue cheese fans, rejoice! Indeed the Stilton was less salty, and paired very well with the Tenderloin. Tenderloin was done medium rare, retaining the juiciness of the cut. Cut a slice, spread it with blue cheese and you are good to go 😀

Castell’s Grilled Spring Chicken [RM 30.00]

Grilled spring chicken marinated prior with spices, served with grilled vegetables and fries. The spring chicken had pretty good marination and was tender and succulent after grilled. However, we felt that this dish isn’t the best amongst the better ones we have tried though.

Verdict : Overall this place serves a range of interesting food when it comes to western food. With their own twist on the food, they do a fantastic job of making it work. Majority of the dishes will not disappoint. The gNOMes will definitely be back sometime in the near future.

How to get there :

Address : No. 19, Lorong Universiti C, Section 16, 46350 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +603-7931 0373

Opening Hours : Daily. 1200 hours to 2300 hours.

Website here


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