B & Best Seafood Noodle, Restaurant De Rasa Sayang, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya

Today’s food outing indeed proved to be a fruitful one. Rather than the usual which-cafe-to-go-next, the gNOMes decided to lay low and explore hidden gems in PJ. One of our foodie friend recommended seafood noodles in SS4, and almost immediately we were sold!

Our usual seafood noodle fix in Penang is always at Joo Leong Cafe, whereby one can choose a variety of fresh seafood to go with noodle soup for dinner. So if we can find back the similar comfort food here in PJ, why not? 😀

Look out for the signboard “Restaurant De Rasa Sayang” and one will be headed in the right direction. Parking is pretty ample, seats are pretty ample too but do expect to wait for a table during peak hours. Food arrives almost as fast as the drinks, so the turn over rate is rather high too! Yay! 😀

Do kindly enlarge the picture to get a better view of the menu. The Today’s Special changes daily (duh! 😛), so be on the lookout for any interesting seafood they have!

Fish Cake [RM 10.00]

Fish cake here sells for RM 5.00 per portion, order it accordingly. Sufficiently crispy skin and delightfully-adequate dose of resistance to the bite. Dip in sweet and sour chili sauce provided for instant bliss.

Basically we had Fish Seafood Noodles [RM 15.00/serving] with noodle of your choice. Additionally we ordered a bowl of fat, succulent oysters [RM 12.00]. Fish slices were no doubt very fresh, hence no ‘fishy’ smell! (pun intended!). Soup was clear, flavourful, not too heavily peppered nor too salty and comes with seaweed and greens yay! Also, if you are a fried garlic fan, request for more to add more flavour to your soup!

Several varieties of fish are available for selection, depending on preference and wallet health. The result is a deeply comforting meal. 😀

And the home made sambal belacan is rather noteworthy too! Just good old sambal, belachan and a dash of lime juice. Packs a punch!

On the other note, one may also request for ‘Kon Lou‘ (dry) noodles to go with your bowl of seafood soup. If you happen to order the dry noodles, one tip for ya. Request for more crispy pork lard! Detrimental to the health, yes, but only once in a while right? 😛

Verdict : The gNOMes never knew such a deeply-comforting meal existed ‘in these parts’. Truly a hidden gem if one is craving clear soup noodles and fresh fish. Worth every Ringgit as well! The gNOMes will definitely be back soon.

How to get there :

Address : No. 12, Jalan SS4C/5, 47301 Petaling Jaya (GPS Coordinates: 3.110649, 101.603058)

Contact Number : +6012-2060 778

Opening Hours : 0700 hours till 1600 hours. Closed every alternate Thursdays.


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