Pelicana Chicken, Atria Shopping Gallery, Petaling Jaya

Chicken galore! Now now, who here loves fried chicken? Not only Pelicana Chicken dishes up fried chicken, but their fried chicken comes with different flavours. 🙂 Their flavours are not just limited to the usual Original and Spicy one might find at your local fast food chain.

Pelicana Chicken originates from Korea, and is the 2nd Korean Fried Chicken franchise to invade our shores after Kyochon. Both gNOMes have never tried Kyochon yet, 😦 we know, thus there’s totally no room for comparisons. Nevertheless, we look forward to a hearty meal of Korean style Fried Chicken.

Side tracking, with that being said, we have tried the fried chicken in Korea before, those bite sized fried chicken that one can buy along the streets and they were absolutely delish! 🙂

[Left to Right : Pina Colada [RM 10.90]; Cucumber Apple Sour Plum [RM 8.90]]

A good drink is always necessary when starting up a hearty meal. The Pina Colada is arguably the best drink served here (this is non-alcoholic). A tinge of zesty pinapple in a very milky and refreshing drink. The gNOMes actually ordered another one soon after!

Cucumber Apple Sour Plum is freshly pressed upon ordering, and has a nice proportion of cucumber, green apples and a dash of sour plum. This concoction proved to be refreshing, with a twang of sour note at the end of each sip.

Now, time to clear the palates to welcome the main course. All this time Pelicana Chicken offers 4 different flavours of Fried Chicken and right now, they have rolled out their 5th flavour, the Garlic YangNyeom Chicken.

Garlic YangNyeom Chicken [RM 9.50 (4 pcs); RM 18.90 (8 pcs); RM 32.90 (14 pcs)]

Pelicana’s fried chicken coated with a layer of specially made garlic sauce and topped with bits of garlic for that extra boost. Fans of this magical vegetable should really give this flavour a try. The garlicky fragrance and sweetness from the sauce is pretty strong but yet, still bearable. The fans of garlic chunks would enjoy this, vampires stay away!

Original YangNyeom Chicken [RM 9.50 (4 pcs); RM 18.90 (8 pcs); RM 32.90 (14 pcs)]

The original flavor which started off the entire collection of chicken flavors here. The gNOMes were expecting this to be quite the killer. The sauce was heavy and thick with flavor, but unfortunately it was a little too overwhelming for the gNOMes as we soon felt that we could not finish it. The gNOMes would recommend to pass on this one.

Charcoal BBQ YangNyeom Chicken [RM 9.50 (4 pcs); RM 18.90 (8 pcs); RM 32.90 (14 pcs)]

The good ol’ classic BBQ flavor. Crunchy and fragrant to the taste, but it didn’t leave too much of an impression on the gNOMes and in the midst of the flurry of chicken, this was slightly neglected.

Spring Onion YangNyeom Chicken [RM 9.50 (4 pcs); RM 18.90 (8 pcs); RM 32.90 (14 pcs)]

This is arguably the best flavor served here. The spring onion sauce provided a rather Chinese twist to this chicken platter, and the twist was indeed welcome. From our observation, this was the most popular dish around the table. The gNOMes would strongly recommend ordering this.

Hot Spice YangNyeom Chicken [RM 9.50 (4 pcs); RM 18.90 (8 pcs); RM 32.90 (14 pcs)]

This one is seen to be very spicy by some of the others who were there with us. Proceed with caution! But if you were born in Johor (or places that love spicy food), like gNOMe 1, the spiciness would be of little challenge to you. The sauce wasn’t too salty as well, but this plate will be mostly remembered as being spicy.

Pelicana Ramen [RM 13.90]

The Ramen had a very interesting flavor to it, as it tasted a little cheesy and sour at the same time. This is one for those who are looking for more unusual flavors in their meal.

Pure Chicken Breast Salad [RM 12.90]

Finally one for the more health-conscious among us. Salad and protein, covered in a their own house-blend ‘DeliChic’ special yellow sauce. Greens were fresh, and the deep fried chicken breast provided a nice compliment to the rather ‘boring‘ greens. The ‘DeliChic’ sauce is specially flown in from Korea, and they were a great choice of dressing. Slightly cheesy, but a rather heavy dressing.

Verdict : Overall a good addition the chicken scene, with a fairly reasonable price for fried chicken. The Korean craze of fried chicken continues to make headway in Malaysia. As with most Asian food, eat it while it’s hot, or it can turn from crispy to soggy.

How to get there :

Address : T 23A, Atria Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS22/23, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +603-7733 4300

Opening Hours : DAILY 1000 hours till 2200 hours.

Facebook here


32 thoughts on “Pelicana Chicken, Atria Shopping Gallery, Petaling Jaya

  1. ooohh I love Pelicana Chicken! It’s one of the handful of Korean dishes that I genuinely enjoy! You have to agree, Korean cuisine is an acquired taste. LOL

  2. tried it once, not bad. But somehow when i compare it to the ones I have at Kyochon, it somehow pales in comparison. Kyochon chicken the flavour goes inside the meat, while pelicana it seemed to only remain at the outer layer, Anyway that’s my thoughts. 🙂

  3. omg i saw time out or some other website was talking about this! I have always wanted to try it ever since, would you happen to know if it’s halal?
    I love korean food 🙂

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