Battery Acid Club, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

“A gem that I am reluctant to tag”.

Those are the exact words uttered by gNOMe’s friend, whom took a liking to Battery Acid Club (BAC) after uncovering it. A place for her to unwind and chill with friends, with ample of parking spaces to offer. BAC has a strict no wifi policy, so patrons head there to unwind with a cuppa and a book in tow or with a group of friends to catch up.

BAC has no display signboard that’s visible to the naked eye, and it sports a very minimalist exterior. Located at a rather quiet side at Damansara Utama, it is not a wonder that this place is unbeknownst to many.

gNOMes and their friends had the whole place to themselves that particular morning, though there were 1 to 2 groups of people who arrived when they left.

Minimalist interior, yet boasting a comfy vibe. We could totally just spend hours here reading or doing work 🙂

Flat White [RM 11.00]

There is no white like flat white. Amazing balance for those looking for that milky taste while still intent to retain that strength in their cup of joe. The coffee was smokey and had a little bit of ‘Indonesian’ written all over the flavor.

Iced Latte [RM 12.00]

This is the “litmus test” drink for the gNOMes to determine if a coffee joint is “legit” or not. The milk was smooth and in harmony with the coffee, which was distinctly aromatic and smokey, albiet slightly mild, it’s something the gNOMes would go back for.

Magic Shrooms [RM 16.00]

A beautiful combination of shrooms and cheese overflowing, with a side of house potato wedges. The combination of shrooms and cheese were generous, and it made the gNOMes happy! Looking for ‘comfy, hearty’ meal? This may be your best bet.

The Nippon Hulk [RM 18.00]

Well first impressions sparks a curiosity in the name choice. There is nothing seemingly Japanese about this dish. Croissant, bacon slice, poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce, raw onions and aragula for garnishing. Seems very western. However one bite of the mix, one will notice a subtle yet distinct sensation of wasabi. Just enough pungency to add flavor to the dish, yet not too overpowering. This was a clear winner for the day.

Raggmunk [RM 18.00]

If the gNOMes were to summarize the Raggmunk in a word, it would be “Fresh”. Distinctly Swedish with its lightly-seasoned potato rosti (garnished with rosemary), peppered scrambled eggs, with a deceptively generous helping of jam and sour cream, and a ‘mini-salad’ combination of aragula, cherry tomatoes and sliced raw onions (providing mild heat to the mix). The combination of flavors were absolutely refreshing, the subtle flavors on the rosti intentionally allowing all the other elements to shine individually.

The Default Sandwich [RM 14.00]

Butter croissants with egg mayo spread topped with alfalfa sprouts. gNOMe 2 decided to switch to aragula instead, and she thinks it would be a better pairing compared to the sprouts. Croissants were flaky and fresh, and was pretty good. Egg mayo tasted rather decent, with a nice seasoning. A rather safe dish for the unadventurous one.

Kacang Tumbuk Affogato [RM 12.00]

Putting kacang tumbuk (pounded nuts) into the affogato is a stroke of brilliance. The sweetness from the kacang tumbuk just mixes well with the (we assume double shot) espresso to bring the best of both worlds. Definitely worth the order and was a nice ending to the whole foodie affair.

Verdict : A fantastic place, with a very studio-like design. Great coffee, and very fresh takes on food and flavor. This is going to be our favorite study spot for sure. Also includes a design shop for the design enthusiasts out there.

How to get there :

Address : 21, Jalan SS 21/34, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +603-7733 9682

Facebook here


28 thoughts on “Battery Acid Club, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

  1. you’re right. sometimes too good a thing, we are reluctant to share for fear of it being overcrowded and becoming just like any other packed cafes out there.

    beautiful calm place to chill out in!

  2. they sure have very creative and interesting names, even from the cafe name already i won’t know it was really a cafe. the affogato sure looks good, as well as the mushrooms.

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