Procaffeinating by CoffeeSociété, The Roof, Petaling Jaya

Hot, humid and hazy weather most of the time will force people indoors. So after our lunch at Battery Acid Club, we decided to head over to The Roof located at Bandar Utama.

This place spots a rather cozy ambiance away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. This place surprisingly has fewer people than we expected, so it was a plus point for us.

Procaffeinating by CoffeeSociété has just only opened their doors to the public June this year. CoffeeSociété has boast numerous awards for ‘Best Place for Coffee 2013’ and ‘Best Cafe of the Year 2014’. Not too shabby eh?

Mochatella [RM 17.00]

Coffee cubes + Nutella + Milk. The setup was all set to shine and it even had the whole affogato-styled layout. Pour the milk in and watch the cubes melt while you talk to your friends, ensuring that the drink will never be diluted. This would be popular with the Nutella fans, but somehow the Nutella seems to overwhelm the coffee, making this into seemingly a Nutella with milk.

Bailey’s Latte [RM 16.00]

The Bailey’s latte indeed had the taste of Latte, but the taste of it gradually started to fade out as one went through the whole cup. The coffee was also fairly mild.

Flat White [RM 11.00]

The general comment here would be that the coffee is pretty mild, as the flat white seemed to taste a bit like a latte instead. Overall, this place has a nice quiet atmosphere in the daytime, to chill with friends. However the coffee could be a little stronger, and it is on the costly side.

How to get there :

Address : Sky Level, 1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +6018-393 2012

Opening Hours : Mondays till Fridays. 1100 hours till 0000 hours.

Saturdays and Sundays. 1700 hours till 0000 hours.

Facebook here


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