[MIGF 2015] Imperial Rama, Genting Highlands, Pahang

Hip hip hooray! 😀

This is the first Malaysian International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) invitation that both gNOMes received. So, imagine our excitement! 😀 More to come, please? 😀

MIGF has been the highlight of the dining scene for at least 15 years, with numerous restaurants participating to show case their talents and culinary skills.

This year, Imperial Rama is one of the participants for MIGF 2015, with Chef Andy Seng showcasing his culinary skills in a blend of Thai and Chinese fare. Every Chinese delicacy served has a subtle Thai sophistication that greatly enhances the recipe.

Lies nestled away among the cloud filled hills of Genting Highlands, this fine dining restaurant breathes an air of exclusiveness. We had the privilege of filling our bellies with a 5 course meal, courtesy of Imperial Rama.

Crystal Prawn

As a starter, crystal prawn with salmon roe topping, tuna + pork meat combination wrapped by a layer of thinly-sliced avocado, served with 2 asparagus sticks. Those looking for the natural prawn sweetness, that would not be the intent of crystal prawn, as it is given a running water treatment to “crystallize” it. Eating it with the salmon roe and the sauce gives it a whole new dimension of taste, and the salmon oil does the trick. The gNOMes love avocado, and this one didn’t disappoint either. A fantastic combination with the meat, with the milkiness of avocado was just WOW for the gNOMes. The Australian asparagus wasn’t too much to our liking though, but it was crunchy to the bite.

Double Boiled 6 Head Abalone with Dried Maca & Chicken Soup

THE crown jewel of Imperial Rama for this MIGF, the 6 head abalone soup promises to take the pie as the king of soups, based on its ingredients alone. When put to the taste test, boy did it deliver big time! The star of the show here is surprisingly not the obviously generous abalone that we see here, but it’s the maca (a kind of cordycep-ish plant, Lepidium meyenii) that gives the soup its signature nourishing taste and sweetness.This soup was certainly the favorite of the gNOMes regardless of whatever served later as we could have had many more servings.

Baked Golden Pomfret with Chef Sauce

Baked golden pomfret served in a sweet and sour barbeque sauce. The pomfret was fresh and certainly allowed to shine, despite the thick sauce on serving, which definitely covered the fish smell up very well. Served with a side of salads and cherry tomatoes, this dish comes with a wine pairing option as well.

Stuffed Sea Cucumber with Noodle & Cheese Sauce

First thought was that this sea cucumber looks HUGE. Indeed it was intentionally bloated and also stuffed with a delightful minced combination of prawns and pork (which were very nicely seasoned), and a strong hint of water chestnut bits to provide that fresh taste. The purpose of the stuffing is to make the sea cucumber much more ‘workable’, as some would tire of eating a full sea cucumber of that size perhaps after 2 bites, and boy did it work! A serving of special cut noodles with a generous helping of cheese sauce was the icing on the cake!

Bird’s Nest with Mango Puree & Snow Mango Mochi

Birds nest replacing shaved ice inside a mango slushee? Now that’s what we call premium! The mango mochi was also armed with a mango cube covered with whipped cream. Yums!

This sumptuous 5 course menu is currently priced at RM 338.00 nett (without wine pairing) with a complimentary pot of Pu Er tea. For those wanting to pair these delicacies with wine, the whole set sells for RM 468.00 nett (with wine pairing).

MIGF now runs for the whole month of October, patrons who dine there will receive door gifts, discounts off selected wines/champagnes, discounts when purchasing tickets to the Superstars of Magic 4 shows and 50% off room rates at Genting Grand Premier Room.

Verdict : For the stated price, this is actually not that expensive, considering the ingredients listed and the massive offers listed above. Also, the soup alone is worth going for!

How to get there :

Address : Level 2, Maxims, Genting Highlands, 69000 Pahang. (GPS N.3423622 E 101.791889)

Contact Number : +603-6105 9663/+603-6101 1118

Opening Hours : DAILY. 1000 hours till 2200 hours.

More info on MIGF here


29 thoughts on “[MIGF 2015] Imperial Rama, Genting Highlands, Pahang

  1. Sorry not sure my previous comment go through or not. So I re-comment.
    Mouth watering photos you have there! It’s been a while I din go to Genting. Would love to dine there when I’m around. 😉

  2. wow~~ I could imagine the excitedness of having fine dining in genting~~ a cloud filled peak top. and the food serving all looking sophisticated! I want to try!!

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