ITALGELato, Genting Highlands, Pahang

Besides the wonderful experience dining at Imperial Rama in Genting Highlands, both gOMes were also treated to a Gelati party. We had a very unconventional breakfast the following morning. Spent a night at the newly refurbished XYZ rooms (keep an eye out as we will be reviewing the rooms next!), waking up to the cool weather in Genting Highlands and we were ushered to ITALGELato for our breakfast.

Wait, what? Gelato for breakfast? Now, that’s a first, alright!

ITALGELato prepares fresh gelati from scratch. All ingredients are imported from Italy, and batches and batches of fresh gelati are churned out daily to meet demand. The basic ingredients, which comes in liquid form, are poured into a huge mixer and then cooled down to the right temperature to form yummy gelato.

Ta-da! A fresh batch of Chocolate Gelato, and boy, were they yummy! 😀

In one go, ITALGELato serves up to 18 different flavours to cater to different tastebuds. For non members, it’s RM 9.50 (1 flavour), RM 19.00 (2 flavours), RM 28.50 (3 flavours), RM 38.00 (4 flavours).

gNOMe 1’s pick : Tiramisu. No good gNOMe can resist the apparent “rum” taste hidden within a coffee flavor. It was truly gNOMe 1’s favorite among the flurry of flavors.

gNOMe 2’s pick : Good, ol’ classic vanilla & chocolate! Simple and straightforward, but the fragrance of the vanilla impressed gNOMe 2 so clearly that it was the only thing she wanted to eat.

ITALGELato also serves mini ice cream cones, cater to those wanting the extra crunch from the waffle cones. For non members, it’s RM 20.00 (8 mini cones), RM 26.00 (12 mini cones).

Verdict : The texture of the gelato will not disappoint, and do feel free to try the flavors until you find the one you like best. There is bound to be one amongst the many flavors that will tickle your fancy.

How to get there :

Address : Main entrance, Genting Highlands, 69000 Pahang (Check In Area)


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