Hello! by Kitchen Mafia, Happy Mansion, Section 17, Petaling Jaya


So, on one fine weekend, a friend let us in on the latest happening in town. Hello! by Kitchen Mafia is the latest eatery to rock the foodie scene. Located at Happy Mansion, Section 17, Hello! is established by 2 of Malaysia’s best chefs, none other than Chef Shersan Lian and Chef Johnny. Both chefs are not new to the industry, so no wonder this place is receiving all the buzz!

Our insider tip managed to have lunch over at Hello! on Saturday, so we decided to head to that place with her on Sunday night for a good dinner.

We arrived just right before 2000 hours, and were seated immediately. This place wasn’t as packed as we thought it would be, considering that our friend mentioned the place was packed to the brim during Saturday lunch!

Interior was tastefully decorated, minimalistic and simple. A long wooden table in the centre to sit up to 10 pax, and smaller ones at the side. And it’s lighted with yellow, warm lights. A photographer’s nightmare! 😛 Come over in the afternoon, we believe this place will be beautifully illuminated by natural sunlight.

We wanted to start the night with Hello!’s tapas, but unfortunately, they ran out on their best seller, i.e. Chicken Liver Pate. 😦 Oh well. Then mains it is!

Mirin Grilled Chicken [RM 24.00]

Chicken marinated with mirin, grilled to a golden brown hue, served with pilaf rice and pickled cucumbers. And of course, chilli sauce. As excited we are when ordering, unfortunately, this dish did not live up to our excitement. Though the grilled chicken was nicely done, the marination of the mirin wasn’t noticeable. The whole affair was just alright, and for that price, we might pass the next time we are here. Perhaps our expectations of this dish was too high.

3 Cheese Pasta [RM 22.00]

A combination of cheddar, blue cheese and parmesan with spaghetti below, topped with arugula. Usually Hello! gives patrons a choice of Linguine, Fettucine or Parpadelle, but they ran out of those types of pasta that night. So the usual spaghetti it is! Spaghetti came very slightly overcooked, though this isn’t much of a concern to us, the pasta turned out bland. It lacks the seasoning it’s supposed to possess, thus making the whole dish bland. And the combination of 3 cheese didn’t manage to save the day.

Salted Egg Butter Milk with Soft Shell Crab [RM 28.00]

This pasta was the better lot of all 3. Saltish, buttery, milky based sauce with a hint of spices laced the spaghetti, and the dish was topped with fried soft shell crab and arugula. Similar to the above, the pasta come slightly overcooked, though not too bland this time, drawing the saltiness from the salted egg butter milk sauce. Soft shell crab tasted decent, though we expected more, we would give this dish a pass.

Asian Pesto with Smoked Duck [RM 24.00]

Was recommended by the wait staff there, as this is one of his favourites and he would down 2 plates in a week. So we decided to order this and try! Well, since they cooked the pasta in batches (we assume so), this too, came slightly overcooked and bland. The pesto sauce was pretty fragrant, though it still didn’t make up for the whole dish 😦

We had another friend who ordered and finished his pasta before we arrived, and he made a remark saying his pasta was too soggy and bland. Our insider tip friend had pasta, and she regarded a huge disparity in her food on Saturday’s lunch compared to Sunday’s dinner. In terms of portion wise, and taste wise.

Verdict : This place sadly didn’t live up to our expectations. Perhaps they are still pretty new and trying to get their groove on. If we happen to return anytime sooner, perhaps we will try their Asian spread next. Or, give it some time before we return. 🙂 On the other hand, service is good, and food is served pretty fast 🙂

How to get there :

Address : BG7, Jalan 17/13, Happy Mansion, Section 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya.

Contact Number : +603-7932 1929

Opening Hours : Wednesdays till Sundays. 0800 hours till 2300 hours.

CLOSED on Mondays & Tuesdays.

Facebook here


29 thoughts on “Hello! by Kitchen Mafia, Happy Mansion, Section 17, Petaling Jaya

  1. worth giving a try since it’s nearby my workplace 🙂
    but i’ll definitely come with a lower expectation after reading your feedbacks on the taste lol

  2. I love how u always introduced new food places that I also never came across Lolx! That’s y I have ur blog feeds to my email hehehe! Thanks for sharing bout this place seems like a decent place to drop by for a visit hehe

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