Cafe Kesom, Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya

Actually, Kesom no longer needs any introduction. Been making waves since 2014, Kesom is run by this Kelantanese native, Susan Lim who hails from Pasir Mas. Teaming with Edana Lim, who also owns Blöok (a fashion boutique), both ladies have decided to set up Kesom to express their love for Kelantanese food.

Situated in Aman Suria, and a few shops away from Patty & Pie, Kesom is located just right below Blöok. Famed for their Nasi Kerabu, gNOMe 2 has decided to head over there today for a slice of the cake. Arriving slightly past 1300 hours, with ample parking and a rumbling stomach, gNOMe 2 and her brother headed straight for the food.

APA (Apa Pun Ada) [RM 3.50]

A combination of assam boi, mint leaves, lime, lemongrass and screwpint, this concoction couldn’t have been better. Sweet, but yet refreshing and thirst quenching. The combination of the above ingredients proved to be so magical that we requested for refills. And oh, each refill is priced at RM 0.50. 🙂

So, if you have read our review on Capitol (read if you haven’t!), you will notice that gNOMe 2 is a sucker for Nasi Dagang. Be it the Kelantanese way or the Terengganu one. But unfortunately, Nasi Dagang was sold out by then!, and gNOMe 2 was left thoroughly disappointed.

But fret not, Nasi Kerabu is here to save the day! 😀

Nasi Kerabu [RM 7.90]

Kesom’s BEST SELLER. You may also opt for Nasi Kerabu with fish/chicken but we decided to have it plain. One word : SUPERB. May be one of the best Nasi Kerabu we have had. Fragrant and nicely cooked rice dyed with coloring from Butterfly Pea, with fragrant yet packing a punch sambal (fiery we say!), all the way to fresh ulams and nicely pickled pickles. This Nasi Kerabu was so yummy it had the siblings fighting over it. Every morsel was ‘licked‘ clean. Totally worth the effort heading there 🙂

Nasi Kukus Berlauk [RM 7.90]

We picked Nasi Kukus with Ayam Goreng Berempah in the absence of Nasi Dagang. The Ayam Goreng Berempah was slightly cold by then, so unfortunately, we weren’t able to taste the best out of the marination. Nasi Kukus was pretty decent, nicely steamed fragrant rice and it came with the fiery sambal and a dollop of sweet sambal. We also ordered side dishes to pair with our mains.

Ikan Goreng Sambal [RM 6.00]

To be honest, we felt that this dish was a tad pricey, considering that the fish didn’t  have much meat. But thankfully, the sambal petai was to die for. The sambal was ‘tumis-ed‘ (sautéed) beautifully until the sweetness of the onions and the fragrance of the petai envelopes the whole paste. Slightly sweet and more fiery, the sambal is a winner in our books. Paired with ‘pungentpetai and sautéed onions, this whole side dish goes very well with a plate of steamed rice.

Verdict : We love the food here, and this will be the spot we return to for our Nasi Kerabu fix. Have yet to try their Nasi Dagang, so this warrants another visit!

How to get there :

Address : F-45-G, Jalan PJU 1/45, Aman Suria, 47301 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +603-7880 4059

Opening Hours : Mondays to Thursdays. 1000 hours till 1700 hours.

Fridays & Saturdays. 1000 hours till 2100 hours.

CLOSED on Sundays.

Facebook here


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