Bert’s, Taman Cahaya Alam, Shah Alam

Nestled in a cozy spot in the neighborhood of Taman Cahaya Alam, Bert’s Cafe has been around in the neighborhood for close to 2 years, and all the dishes on the menu are from the owner’s mum’s secret family recipes.

We encountered some slight difficulty in locating Bert’s, so we highly recommend using the waze link we have shared at the end of this blogpost to ease your life 😛

The interior is pretty much comfortable and relaxing, chic and cozy with tasteful interior decorations. And the owners have pretty good taste in music too, we heard Muse and Foster The People going on air. 😀

[Left to Right : Hazelnut Latte [RM 11.00]; Mango Selasih [RM 6.00]; Peach [RM 7.50]]

The coffee in the latte here (rightfully) isn’t too strong, but certainly smooth and enjoyable as it isn’t too sweet as well, having a nice and smooth milky taste. Mango Selasih is good for the mango lovers. In general being rich in mango while thirst-quenching, without too much of the typical mango starchiness.

Creamy Butter Chicken [RM 14.90]

Put the words “butter” and “chicken” together. What’s not to love? Add curry leaves, and some relatively potent cili padi to it, and you have a wonderfully fragrant fried chicken meal with a good amount of kick in it. The gNOMes were savoring every bite of this and may have ordered more!

Moi [RM 9.90]

Named after the Hokkien word for Porridge, “Moi” here is a northern-style plain porridge with fragrant garnishing and anchovy sambal as the main flavoring. Half a salted duck egg is also added to provide the saltiness to the dish. The sambal, as one would expect, provides mild sweetness and natural heat to the meal. It is recommended to mix well before consuming!

Nasi Lemak [RM 14.90]

At Bert’s, all the chicken dishes are served with quarter chicken. That’s why for RM 14.90, this is a bargain! An all-Malaysian traditional favorite, the Nasi Lemak always stands out as the national dish of Malaysia. The rice and the chicken was fragrant, however this sambal didn’t particularly feel that spicy or fragrant enough to us. Perhaps they were having an off-day.

Mee Kuah [RM 11.90]

The closest thing to Mee Rebus for Southerners, Mee Jawa to Notherners, this dish is best served piping hot. This dish is typically served with tofu and potatoes in a starchy broth. Prawns and mint leaves complete the look for this Mee Kuah. As with most of the dishes, this was also tasty and a good compromise between the Mee Rebus and Mee Jawa.

Cucur Udang [RM 7.90]

For the uninitiated, cucur udang is the prawn fritters of Malaysia. This delicacy has become commonplace in the Malaysian food scene. It can be found at banquets or even simple high tea at restaurants. The batter used for this cucur udang was amazing. Very fragrant and the prawns were fresh as well. The sweet dipping chili sauce is mandatory for an authentic experience, as well as providing a balance to the flavor.

Roti Jala [RM 7.90]

Another Malaysian favorite, and also one the gNOMes have fond childhood memories of, this delicacy is also a tea time special. An egg and flour kuih dipped in chicken and potato curry. Yums! This was indeed a good one as the gNOMes enjoyed more than one each.

Spicy Squid Spaghetti [RM 12.90]

Perhaps not the best presentation, and the spaghetti seemed a little overcooked, but boy did we underestimate the spiciness of this spaghetti. Nevertheless it was indeed tasty. If they could fix the texture of the spaghetti one could have a lot of fun with this dish.

Bifstik [RM 11.90]

Begedil (Malaysian deep-fried potato patty) in soup, served with garlic bread. A Malaysian fusion take on the regular Soup of the Day. Though weird-sounding, the combination of the nicely-buttered garlic bread and the soup was actually better than we expected. One for the more adventurous.

Curry Kapten [RM 13.90]

Tender chicken in a red curry. Or is it? After enjoying an absolutely fragrant and sourish “curry” (almost draining all of it), the gNOMes were shocked to hear that this wasn’t a curry. It was more of a tomato-based stew, mother’s recipe that frequently only featured during Raya periods in the owner’s family. We can certainly see why it has been permanently embedded as a main feature of the menu. Highly recommended!

Sago Gula Melaka [RM 5.90]

This place is indeed one of the places to be when wanting to discover Malaysian food and desserts. This dessert is another typical Malaysian one. With sago in santan (coconut milk) topped with gula melaka (brown sugar). The gNOMes aren’t really big fans of this one though, but the texture seems to be the right one, with the right amount of sweetness.

S’mores [RM 9.90]

Toasted marshmallows on digestive biscuit crumbs served with chocolate syrup. Caters to the sweet-toothed kid in us. The gNOMes aren’t big fans of sweet dessert, but we enjoyed the biscuit crumbs.

Ristretto Sundae [RM 9.90]

The name almost says it all. In a similar fashion to affogato, it is ice-cream in coffee. But instead of espresso this would be a ristretto (layman: an espresso extracted with half the volume of water). The cream on top of this one made it slightly unfavorable for the gNOMes, especially since this was the second dessert at the end of a long meal!

Meringue Sundae [RM 10.90]

A lemon meringue topped with strawberry and grapes. Showcased the wonderful thing about desserts here: They’re generally not too sweet, making it a healthier alternative for the sweet-toothed individual.

Verdict : Overall the food here is fantastic, with bigger portions than usual. Suitable for both hanging out and family dining. It also shows that mother’s recipe is always best. It certainly looks like this is a cafe to try in Shah Alam. The gNOMes’ only gripe is that this place may be a little too far for us.

How to get there :

Address : 36, Jalan Selasih K U12/K, Taman Cahaya Alam, 40170 Shah Alam

Contact Number : +6011-3932 5058

Opening Hours : Tuesdays to Sundays. 1200 hours to 2300 hours. CLOSED MONDAYS.

Facebook here; Waze here


18 thoughts on “Bert’s, Taman Cahaya Alam, Shah Alam

  1. wow nice place to dine, but never been to this place. everything looks yummy, shall go try one day. But need cut down on sugary cannot always eat.

  2. Alamak the S’mores and the Meringue. But the Mango Selasih looks good too. Your pictures aren’t helping either. Even though Shah Alam is quite out of the way for me, I wouldn’t mind going here for all these. 🙂

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