Fuzio Bar & Restaurant, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Fuzio Bar and Restaurant

Located away from the bustling side of Changkat Bukit Bintang, Fuzio is indeed, a hidden gem. As revelers and vehicles pour in into Changkat, Jalan Berangan, on the other hand seems to be the road less traveled. But for the gNOMes, it means lesser vehicles and ample of parking spaces, yay! Now that’s a sign of a good evening! 😀

A cozy Italian restaurant located right beside Tetto beckons us welcome. Made up of 3 storeys, the ground and the 1st storey sits diners. As for the rooftop, DJs make their presence known and felt every Friday night.

Fuzio Bar and Restaurant

Fuzio Bar and Restaurant

Upon entering Fuzio, we were transported to another dimension. With Swing Jazz and Bossa Nova playing in the background and candles on the table, the whole place emits a soothing and calming vibe, creating a lovely ambiance!

Fuzio Bar and Restaurant

[Left to Right : Frankenstein [RM 58.00]; Pink Panty [RM 32.00]]

One for the ladies, the other, gents. We started off the night with Fuzio’s in house specialty, the Frankenstein and the Pink Panty.

Frankenstein was gorgeous to look at. Red wine above, and a concoction of various liquor, namely, bacardi, vodka, tequila, bombay, triple sec, limoncello right beneath. Papa says never to mix your liquor, but since it’s the house specialty, the gNOMes ignored all the warning signs. The result was a deceptively strong cocktail with a layered flavor. The sweetness of red wine followed by the pungent taste of the liquor mix.

Pink Panty on the other hand consists of cranberry juice, frangelico, triple sec and rum. On the mild side, this is billed as a ladies’ drink. However the gNOMes weren’t too keen on it, preferring the Frankenstein.

Fuzio Bar and Restaurant

[Left to Right : Fuzio Cooler [RM 16.oo]; Fruit Punch [RM 16.00]]

For the non-alcoholic peeps and drivers, fear not, there’s something on offer as well.

Fuzio Cooler, sans the alcohol, emits a minty and refreshing aftertaste thanks to the usage of fresh mint leaves and lemon juice. The result is a refreshing drink best enjoyed after a long day at work.

Fruit Punch is another option for those who want a refreshing drink but aren’t big fans of mint leaves.

Fuzio Antipasti [RM 88.00 – 2 pax; RM 148.00 – 4 pax]

When this platter of gorgeous antipasti was served before us, all we could exclaim was WOW. On this one can find a platter of cecina ham with rock melon, smoked duck breast, lamb salsiccia (sausage), salmon carpaccio, tomato caprese, turkey ham in eggplant and a variety of cheeses such as gorgonzola and taleggio.

Everything, yes everything on this platter is just delicious. Definitely on of the best antipastis we have had!

Smoked duck breast was absolutely juicy and smoky, the lamb salsiccia was spicy and peppery, enjoyed by all around the table. Cecina ham is quite intense in taste, so it is advisable to balance the taste out with the rock melon, for that sweet and savoury feel. Salmon carpaccio was fresh, with a zesty lemon zing, paired with the natural peppery flavor of arugula, it’s yummy!

Our pick? Smoked duck breast, lamb salsiccia and cecina ham with rock melon! 🙂

Fuzio Bar and Restaurant

Merluzzo Al Forno [RM 88.00]

Baked white cod (with teriyaki sauce) on top a bed of pesto mashed potatoes. Perhaps the price may stun some, but a taste of the tender, melting white cod in one’s mouth will instantly banish all doubts. The preparation allows for the natural taste of the New Zealand white cod to take center stage. Also, an unexpected element of this dish was the pesto mashed potatoes, which completely blew our tastebuds away.

Fuzio Bar and Restaurant

Creamagliere di Agnello [RM 76.00]

This dish is only for the absolute mutton fan. Grilled to perfection and topped off with goat cheese, the pungent flavors may be an acquired taste. Hence, the touch of arugula is an inspired one, as it serves as the perfect counter to balance up the flavors.

Fuzio Bar and Restaurant

Filetto di Manzo alla Griglia [RM 98.00]

Grilled Angus beef tenderloin served with mushroom cartoccio. Black Angus beef needs no introduction for the gastroNOMe. This 200-gram fillet steak is served medium rare (the perfect gNOMe degree), bloody and melting in the mouth from first bite to last (gNOMe tip: Eat the steak without the sauce, it’s even better!). A brilliant side of mushroom cartoccio (wrapped in that white paper in the background) completes the experience, with an assortment of wine-seasoned mushrooms specially baked. YUMS!

Fuzio Bar and Restaurant

Parpadelle Rabbit Ragu [RM 42.00]

Broad and flat pasta served with rabbit ragu in tomato sauce. The gNOMes were actually excited to be having rabbit meat. Rabbit meat came as thin strips, tasted almost identical to chicken but with tuna like texture. The pasta was al dente, while the tomato sauce was thick and covered up the gamy taste of the rabbit meat. Some may prefer that, but for the gNOMes it covered up the uniqueness of the rabbit meat.

Fuzio Bar and Restaurant

Funghi [RM 32.00]

Button mushroom pizza drizzled with truffles oil. Even from far, the smell of truffles oil is apparent. This pizza is generously littered with mushrooms and light-tasting. An apparent absence of tomato sauce in the pizza enables the pizza to achieve its light and thin crust which is manageable even on a fuller stomach. gNOMe 1 in particular enjoyed it in contrast to most heavy-tasting pizzas Malaysians are used to.

Fuzio Bar and Restaurant

Panna Cotta with Mixed Berries Sauce [RM 24.00]

A light and simple way to end the meal. Light and milky, the panna cotta mixed well with the mixed berries sauce. A big, sweet and juicy strawberry with oranges add to the mix. Not too sweet, making it just right for the gNOMes.

If you enjoyed reading our review and want to experience this for yourself, head over to Fuzio Bar and flash this blogpost for a 10% discount. Only for The Garden NOM readers 🙂

Verdict : A wonderful meal indeed and one of the better culinary experiences the gNOMes have had over the last few weeks. Caters to both local and authentic preferences, on request. This place also serves as a subtle art gallery for the promising local artist. A great place to go to whether just to pamper one’s self or even just to have a few drinks with your buddies!

How to get there :

Address : 29, Jalan Berangan, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number : +603-2110 0303

Opening Hours : Mondays to Saturdays. 1700 hours till 0100 hours.


Facebook here; Website here

Fuzio Bar and Restaurant


26 thoughts on “Fuzio Bar & Restaurant, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

  1. I seldom go to Bukit Bintang unless I need to buy something which is only selling at that area. But this restaurant looks so attractive from outside. Will definitely give it a try! Thanks for the review~

  2. Smoked duck breast, lamb salsiccia and cecina ham with rock melon sounds delicious, a perfect combo of sweet and savory masterpiece! Price isn’t too bad too, worth treating myself once my paycheck is out lol. Do they allow walk ins or by reservation only?

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