PS Tokyo Cafe, SS2 & Every Sundae, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya

Lately both gNOMes have caught this ‘ice-cream‘ bug whereby we will scour for good ice-cream and soft serves. Although we are not really dessert people, but good ice cream once in a while won’t do much harm, eh? 😉

1. PS Tokyo

Located at SS2, PS Tokyo may be hard to find in the first try, but keep in mind that they are located on the same row as SS2 Police Station, beside the popular internet/cyber cafe, opposite the open air Mee Goreng Mamak stalls, and situated directly above VCD shops. The only visible signage they have is the black cube box that screams ‘PS Tokyo’.

Sporting a minimalist interior design with grey painted walls, wooden tables and IKEA stools, this place has the all the correct factors for a relaxing day out and especially for the shutter bug enthusiast thanks to the natural sunlight that pours in.

They even have a printer for patrons to print out their Instagram photos (of the place and the soft serve, of course!) which then one can hang in on their hall of fame.

Good soft serves are yum! and hard to come by, we are keeping our fingers crossed for these Japanese inspired soft serves to be worth our moolah.

Matcha Soft Serve [RM 6.90 – Mini; RM 9.90 – Regular]

One word : YUMS! Love the soft and smooth texture of the soft serve and definitely the taste of the green tea. We received word that the ingredients for PS Tokyo’s soft serve are all flown in from Kyoto. So how Japanese can it get already! Reminded us of the yummy green tea ice cream we had in Tokyo, but of course, this is the softer version. YUMS! 😀

Hojicha Soft Serve [RM 6.90 – Mini; RM 10.90 – Regular]

The tea flavor was obvious from the first bite, and a very welcome one as well. It reminded the gNOMes of the wonderful experiences we’ve had with other tea-flavored ice-creams like earl grey and even the teh tarik ice-cream at Cielo Dolci (when it used to be at Paradigm Mall). gNOMe 1 particularly liked this one.

[Left to Right : Crush Citrus Goji-Ra Smoothie [RM 10.90]; Tofu Cheese Cake [RM 12.90]]

We decided to get a smoothie after, together with a slice of tofu cheese cake. This tofu cheese cake is now available in a number of cafes, we first had this in POKC. If we may describe how the cheese cake is like, this would sum it all : ‘Tofu fah like texture with a slight hint of cheese, with the sweetness coming from the syrup‘.

Perhaps gNOMe 2 still like her cheese cake to be firm and dense, so this one is just alright to her. But then again, cheese cake texture preference is a very subjective one, and the cheesiness in this cake was at a satisfactory level.

Smoothie on the other hand is a tad sour, as it includes a dash of lemon juice. The sourness was a little too overwhelming for gNOMe 1 especially, perhaps they could add something to counter-balance it slightly.

Verdict : Overall, the gNOMes would recommend this place as the staff are helpful and friendly, the soft serve ice-cream is one of the better ones we’ve seen out there so far. Also the space of the cafe has a cosy feel to it, ideal for hanging out with friends.

How to get there :

Address : No. 80A, Jalan SS2/60, 47300 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +6012-213 3706

Opening Hours : Tuesdays to Sundays. 1200 hours till 0000 hours.


Facebook here


2. Every Sundae

Not a new establishment in the neighborhood though, we were both a tad late to the party. 😛 Actually both gNOMes have been really big fans of Cielo Dolci‘s ice cream ever since they debut in Paradigm Mall, so when Every Sundae came about, boy were we thrilled!

Every Sundae

And lately gNOMe 2 had her tooth extracted, so ice-cream is now her best friend! 😀 This was the perfect opportunity for the gNOMes to get some of that soft serve fix!

Every Sundae

Belgian Waffles with Salted Caramel Gelato topped with Granola Crumbs and drizzled with Honey [RM 16.80]

Patrons have the option of building their own ice-cream. Select a base, a gelato flavor, a topping, and a syrup, then you are good to go. The gNOMes felt this combination was probably the best among all the options available, and were indeed proven right! The soft and fragrant waffles dovetailed perfectly with the salted caramel gelato (which goes perfectly with espresso in affogato, by the way!), while the honey provided that perfect dose of sweetness to the whole mix. Add on a little granola to the mix for a more breakfast feel.

Every Sundae

Passion Fruit Soft Gelato with Brownies [RM 11.00]

This combination didn’t work out too well, although the brownies base was nice and hot, with a rich chocolate flavor. Passion fruit gelato was legit as well, but the two simply don’t mix.

Verdict : Slightly steep in price, but after tasting the gelato, the gNOMes wouldn’t mind forking out the moolah for such quality. This place also offers a variety of gelato aside from the option of building your own ice-cream.

How to get there :

Address : 9, SS21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +603-7733 5683

Opening Hours : Mondays, Wednesdays till Sundays. 1200 hours till 2300 hours.


Facebook here

Every Sundae


27 thoughts on “PS Tokyo Cafe, SS2 & Every Sundae, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya

  1. I managed to try PS Tokyo yesterday, but now im tempted to try the Passion Fruit Soft Gelato with Brownies. Looks tempting. haha

  2. All the dessert looks good and have their own unique flavour! Hope to taste all of them!!!!! Ps Tokyo is so good and Every Sundae too, don’t know which to choose la hehe!

  3. The Passion Fruit Soft Gelato with Brownies from Every Sundae looks amazing! Ah, I don’t have a sweet tooth but that’s not something I can resist!

  4. omg. you are making me hungry at 12.31am. I love love love every sundae. Went there with a friend once and I cant wait to visit again. I only tried the icecream at ps tokyo. Was tempted to order the cake and juice too but thankfully didnt because I can’t take sour stuff

  5. Reading all these food post make me crave so badly on my diet. The Ice Cream looks delicious all thank to your amazing Photography Skills.

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