Pebbles’ Place, Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya

His and her passion for whipping up finger licking meals for loved ones has taken a step higher. Meet the proud owners of Pebbles’ Place, Kiatisak Chua and Jodie. Pebbles’ Place will now be the avenue for the two of them to share their love of food to the world!

Last Sunday, we made our way over there. 🙂

Pebbles' Place

Pebbles' Place

Situation in the heart of Aman Suria, directly behind the Kayu row and near to Patty & Pie as well as Kesom, Pebbles’ Place ain’t all that hard to find. With a lovely setup (grey walls are ❤) and cozy environment, the gNOMes identified this place as one suitable for hanging out or even studying. We settled comfortably into our seats, and looked forward to our gastronomic adventure.

Pebbles' Place

[Left to Right : Cafe Latte [RM 11.90], Bamm Bamm’s Peanut Butter Banana [RM 15.90]]

When the banana peanut butter shake arrived, the first thought was that we were going to gain loads in the calories department, and that it would be excessively sweet. To our pleasant surprise, the gNOMes detected absolutely no hint of overwhelming richness nor excessive sweetness, making this an enjoyable drink to consume over a good meal. The iced latte was a little on the acidic side, which wasn’t really what the gNOMes prefer in our coffee, but the portion was good.

Pebbles' Place

Mushie Affair [RM 15.90]

To borrow a Star Wars quote, “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts,” Indeed that is the right line to describe this dish. Button mushrooms make up this wonderful appetizer. The result is a crispy exterior that packs a juicy crunch, suitable for the hungry food gNOMe.

Pebbles' Place

Creamy Salted Egg & Prawns [RM 25.90]

Look at those humongous Tiger Prawns! Beneath those gems are spaghetti done al dente tossed in creamy salted egg paste. While the pasta was done well, the the creamy salted egg paste was lacking this – the saltiness. Apart for the lack of seasoning, the rest was rather praiseworthy. Prawns were gorgeous, with fresh, succulent and sweet meat beneath those crustacean shells.

Pebbles' Place

Chicken Escapades [RM 23.90]

Seasoned quarter chicken with thyme oven baked to perfection. Served on top of a bed of mashed potatoes alongside house salad with in house dressing. Juicy and plump chicken thigh seasoned hours, then oven baked to retain the sweetness and tenderness. The result was simply amazing – tender chicken perfectly seasoned, and the mashed potatoes were indeed TO DIE FOR. The gNOMes started fighting over the remnants of the mashed potatoes and no survivors were left.

Pebbles' Place

Glamborous [RM 25.90]

Lamb patty burger topped with minty yoghurt sauce & melted cheese, served with curly fries and side salad. The seasoning of the patty is just right, slightly salty and nicely peppered lamb burger coated with a generous layer of cheese. The default mode of delivery is a medium well done texture, so for those meaty lovers, do remember to request for medium rare for maximum satisfaction.

Verdict : The price appears to be steep, but only because the portions are actually deceptively huge. The food here is pretty decent overall. A good place to hangout with friends and to dine for those who are slightly more hungry.

How to get there :

Address : D-G-25A Ground Floor, Block D, Jalan PJU 1/45, Aman Suria Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +603-7803 8222

Opening Hours : Mondays to Fridays. 1130 hours till 2230 hours.

Saturdays & Sundays. 1130 hours till 2300 hours.

Facebook here


30 thoughts on “Pebbles’ Place, Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya

  1. new cafe to go check out, shall put on my list to visit.
    Busy these days need to chill out go cafe to eat and chat with friends.

  2. There are a thousand and one similar cafes in the Klang Valley. I think even if I spend a month there eating out once a day, I wouldn’t be able to cover all the hipster cafes.

  3. Thanks you guys for our debut review! Do come back and try other food on our menu, and *pssst* i’ll give you guys more mashed this time around ;D

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