Tsubohachi Izakaya-Hokkaido, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur

To be frank, Japanese food has always been our favourite. And after returning from Tokyo, Japan, our love for that particular cuisine grew – significantly. As the clock shows 1730 hours, we appeared right in front of this premise. Red banners and lanterns adorn the entrance of this eatery, with Japanese murals on the wall.


‘Tsubohachi (つ ぱ 八). Eh, a Hokkaido Izakaya. Now that’s new!’ 😀

We were brimming with happiness as we were ushered to our seats. We have never had any gastronomic adventure from the island of Hokkaido, our Japanese tastebuds are formed by mostly food from the Kanto prefecture.


Established in 1973 in Hokkaido, Tsubohachi has now stamped its’ mark by being the most famous Izakaya restaurant chain in Japan. Rooted firmly in it’s belief, Tsubohachi holds steadfast to it’s key principles of Taste, Environment & Hospitality.


[Left to Right : Peach Sparkling Sake; Grapefruit Liquor [RM 11.80]; Asahi & Whisky]

Sake or Beer to kickstart your evening? Peach Sparkling Sake for Ladies, and some Asahi & Whisky for the Men perhaps? 🙂 Something for everyone who wants to drink. The gNOMes gulped down as well.

True to it’s Japanese ways, patrons who enter an Izakaya is bound to drink the night away. So take your pick!


[Left to Right : Chicken Karaage [RM 18.90]; Deep Fried River Shrimp [RM 14.90]; Grilled Ray Fin [RM 12.90]]

Pairing with our alcohol is the typical Japanese grub. Some finger food to chow on while chatting and drinking together.

gNOMe 1’s pairing – sub zero Asahi with Grilled Ray Fin, since dried fish is the favorite snack!

gNOMe 2’s pairing – sub zero Asahi with Chicken Karaage. Delectable indeed!


Ramen Sarada [RM 9.90]

Served chilled, Tsubohachi’s signature Ramen Sarada (salad) consists of cold ramen, bacon stripes, salad and sesame dressing. This took us by surprise, the whole concoction was a perfect starter to our beautiful evening. One more bowl please!


Hokkaido Style Deep Fried Mashed Potato [RM 8.90]

While expecting mashed potato, this actually turned out to taste a little more like nian gao rather than potato.


Chicken Thigh Skewers with Leek [RM 7.80]


Chicken Neck Meat Skewers [RM 7.80]


Chicken Skin Skewers [RM 7.80]

A selection of yakitori, which is best served with once again, beer! With fairly decent teriyaki sauce to help the flavors along.


Potato Mentaiko Yaki [RM 13.90]

A hotplate of potatoes with cheese and Cod roe. The melted cheese and mentaiko made this a fairly enjoyable treat!


Deep Fried Flounder [RM 42.90]

Pomfret battered, deep fried, and beautifully sliced. Squeeze that lemon slice, and dip into the shoyu provided for the extra oomph. Fresh, and tasty. What more can we say?


Grilled Mackerel [RM 52.90]

Seasoned prior with salt, and then grilled to perfection. This grilled mackerel is perfect to be paired with sub zero Asahi, but do note that it may be too salty for many – it was salty, for us nonetheless. Plus point? The fish was really fresh.



Grilled Minced Chicken with Hotspring Egg [RM 12.90]

Drizzle that sweet sauce and slice open that onsen. As eye pleasing it may seem, this dish didn’t sit quite well with us unfortunately. One word of caution! The chicken patty contains soft bones. It was rather annoying for us, making the whole experience unmemorable.


Grilled Salmon & Vegetable with Original Hokkaido Sauce [RM 21.50]

This is akin to eating Teppanyaki. Imagine – grilled salmon with lots of bean sprouts with sauce. The grilled salmon was fresh and soft, just like it was straight from Hokkaido.


Salmon & Vegetable in Miso based Soup [RM 19.90]

Sweetness from the vegetables with a little hint of miso. Huge salmon blocks are thrown in. A soup prefect for chilly nights, it’s simple yet fulfilling and healthy.


Flowing Somen Noodle Set [RM 27.90]

Fun time! To be honest, we were filled to the brim at this point of time. But when this was brought in, all of us felt like kids again! The ice water in the tub spins in a circular motion at a flick of the switch, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices and oranges are dropped into the flowing water. Somen is then dunked in.

Whenever you are ready, fish the noodles and toppings out, dipped the icy cold noodles in shoyu and pop it in. Into your mouth, of course! If cold noodles are your thing, this is for you!

Served with a platter of tempura, this noodle set is pretty yummy and provides a great bonding time with your kids. 🙂


Hokkai Kamameshi [RM 36.90]

A hot pot of seafood – king crab, scallop, salmon. This hot pot takes 20 minutes to be prepared, and it will be cooked right in front of you. With the aroma lingering in the air, one will bound to be really, really hungry. Sweetness of the seafood will then be mixed with the rice, and once ready, a bowl of aromatic, sweet rice with fresh seafood will bound to make you drool. Recommended! 


[Clockwise from Top Right : Black Sesame; Yuzu; Vanilla; Green Tea [RM 9.90/scoop]]

One could see that the ice-cream was made from authentic ingredients, but it wasn’t the best for the gNOMes though.


Matcha De Roru [RM 14.90]

Green tea crepe with cream, rice cake & azuki beans filling.


Matcha Mochi Mochi [RM 12.90]

This was a good way for us to end the meal. The sweet mochi made for some chewy goodness.

Verdict : A place to go should one be interested in wining (more like beer) and dining. The very attentive and friendly customer service is bound to make your experience a good one.

How to get there :

Address : A2-UG1-9, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, 1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number : +603-6206 5526

Opening HoursDAILY. 1130 hours until 1500 hours. 1730 hours till closing.

Facebook here; Website here


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