Wild Sheep Chase Cafe, Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur

Wild Sheep Chase Cafe

Yay to our first blogpost in 2016! 😀 How did 2015 treat you, you gNOMers? We had a tremendously blessed year, and a gastroNOMic one too! Read all about our Top 10 Favourites in 2015 here, if you have not. 🙂

Started the year with the search of good food around, and this time, we will be chasing some wild sheep over some tea and of course, soufflé.

Wild Sheep Chase Cafe, Taman Desa

Raves after raves were heard about this place. In fact, our Instagram feed is always flooded with Instagram-worthy pictures of the place.

After our lunch at Charlie’s Cafe, we headed to Wild Sheep Chase Cafe, which was just a stone’s throw away. Light meals such as sandwiches can be found here, but most will flock to this place for their well known soufflé. And here we are!

This place is no doubt super Instagram-worthy, with whitewashed walls and minimalist design. Absolutely loving it!

Wild Sheep Chase Cafe

Wild Sheep Chase Cafe

Wild Sheep Chase Cafe

Earl Grey Milk Tea [RM 10.00]; Longan Milk Tea [RM 10.00]

The gNOMes got the sense that this place may not be as big on coffee, since they only have 2 types – white and black. But the selection of tea is fascinating. For fans of Earl Grey Tea, this milked version is quite worth ordering as it has strong flavors of Earl Grey paired with smooth steamed milk.

The Longan Milk tea has the sweetness of longan, which impressed the gNOMes, but we found out that this was because there were actual longans inside! With bits of flower on top of the foam, this adds a real flowery note to the whole mix. Yums!

Wild Sheep Chase Cafe

Wild Sheep Chase Cafe

Wild Sheep Chase Cafe

Wild Sheep Chase Cafe

Vanilla soufflé [RM 17.00]

Light, airy & fluffy  Indeed one of the best combination this French dessert could ever possibly have. Every mouthful sinks in beautifully, with a note of vanilla bean extract to top it off. Our choice of syrup was Osmanthus Maple Syrup – a hint of sweetness with a flowery note. Served with a dollop of twangy grapefruit sorbet to clear the palate.

A 15-20 minute wait is inevitable, rest be assured the waiting time will definitely pay off. 🙂

Wild Sheep Chase Cafe

Wild Sheep Chase Cafe

Picture credit : Ji Wen 😉

Honestly Devilish [RM 22.00]

Your good ol’ molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream. There wasn’t as much of molten lava spilling out, which surprised us initially, but the taste of hot molten lava chocolate with vanilla ice-cream was a good combination!

Verdict : All in all a cafe good for all purposes. Instagram-worthy? Check! Good tea/coffee? Check! More importantly, good desserts? Triple-check that!! The hype is justified for us!

How to get there :

Address : 6-1, Desa Business Park, 6, Jalan 1/109e, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number : +6012-288 7233

Opening Hours : Tuesdays to Thursdays. 1200 hours till 2000 hours.

Fridays & Saturdays. 1200 hours till 2200 hours.

Sundays. 1200 hours till 2000 hours.


Website here

Wild Sheep Chase Cafe


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