[7D6N Tokyo, Japan] Day 6 & 7 – What to See, What to Do, What to Eat

Tokyo, Japan

Follow us on our Tokyo Trippin’ adventure starting here! 🙂 Really, if you have not, then you are missing out on awesome tips!


Oyama Station (大山駅), Tokyo

Since this was the last full day we have here in Tokyo, Japan, we decided to take things slow and just enjoy what the city still has to offer.

Our day started with Japanese Curry Rice at Curry House Coco Ichibanya (壱番屋). Most of our days were filled with ramen and beef bowls, so this time, it’s something different. There was one outlet in the Oyama Station (大山駅) vicinity, which was perfect!

Japan Day 6 & 7

Categorized under ‘fast food‘, Coco Ichibanya serves mainly curried rice, but they do have salads, curried noodles/pasta. And oh, their menu is multilingual! 🙂

Since their menu has English, we ordered almost immediately, despite the wide range of selections.

Alright sir, which curry level would you like? I’d recommend level 4 for first timers. 🙂

Level 8, please

Japan Day 6 & 7

Pork Zanmai Curry [¥ 1,420] [RM 50.60]

This apple-based Japanese curry is armed with thin pork slices and pork cutlets. The level 8 was indeed quite spicy, more spicy than many Malaysians can take. Just right for gNOMe 1! The juicy pork cutlets were very generous in portion. gNOMe 1 was soon full halfway through. But it is a wonderful meal for a cold day.

Level 4 for me, please“.

Japan Day 6 & 7

Pork Cutlet Curry with Vegetables [¥ 959] [RM 34.20]

Potatoes, carrots and curry make a good combination. With slightly smaller cutlets this time, this makes for a smaller meal for gNOMe 2, who has a smaller appetite.

And if we are not mistaken, they have one outlet here in the heart of Petaling Jaya. In One Utama to be exact. 🙂


Tokyo Imperial Palace (皇居), Tokyo 

Moving on, we headed to one of the tourist attractions, the Tokyo Imperial Palace. A 10 minute walk from Tokyo Station (東京駅), this palace is breathtaking. Even the walk there was a therapeutic one. Although the Imperial Palace is located smack in the middle of the city, the contrast between this palace and those skyscappers are just mesmerizing.

Located on the former site of Edo Castle, this palace is the residence of Japan’s Imperial Family. A large moat surrounds the castle, and only 2 entrances/exits are open to the public. Most of the palace grounds are cordoned off for the privacy of the royal family.

Japan Day 6 & 7

Japan Day 6 & 7

Japan Day 6 & 7

A large park for visitors to lounge at, remember to bring some picnic mat and sushi (すし) to enjoy the view and fresh air 🙂

Entrance : FREE

Opening Hours : 0900 hours till 1700 hours.



Tokyo Station (東京駅), Tokyo

10 minutes away from Tokyo Imperial Palace (皇居) lies Tokyo Station (東京駅). Tokyo Station is a humongous station, be sure not to miss this breathtaking, Instagram-worthy picture if you happen to be around the vicinity.

Japan Day 6 & 7

Tokyo Station gets prettier when night falls, as the whole station will be litted with bright lights 🙂


Ikebukuro (池袋), Tokyo

We decided to head back to Ikebukuro (池袋) earlier as we wanted to end the day with shopping at Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ). Dinner came first, of course. So we stopped at this random ramen shop for our dins.

Japan Day 6 & 7

Japan Day 6 & 7

Ramen + Gyoza + Fried Rice Set [¥ 1,040] [RM 37.10]

Although it looked great, this was actually the first ramen shop that disappointed us. The soup was a little underwhelming in terms of flavor. Gyoza was also a little less tasty for the gNOMes. 😦

Souvenirs are a must, and we want to shop without having to rush for time. Lucky for us, Don Quijote in Ikebukuro opens 24/7! Yay-ers! 😀

Our total expenditure at Don Quijote was about RM 600/pax. Read more about Don Quijote in our main post.


Narita Airport (成田空港), Tokyo

On the last day, we headed to Narita Airport via Keisei Skyliner from Nippori Station. Again, read our main post for more details.

As for our Wi-fi rental, all we had to do was to courier them back to the rental office. Just drop them in any postal box, there’s even one in the airport, and you are good to go!


And with that, we bid adieu and sayonara (さようなら) to the land of the rising sun. Till then, Tokyo! 🙂 Thank you for being such a good host 🙂


This will mark the last post of our 7D6N Tokyo, Japan trip. One of the best travels for Year 2015, and definitely, should the chance arises in the future, see you again Tokyo! 😀


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