Restoran Fung Mei, Pelangi Square, Petaling Jaya

We actually frequent this place quite a fair bit in a month, when we are in need of some good ‘dai chow‘ and hearty Chinese meals. Located at Pelangi Square, right opposite Houz Depot Kota Damansara, Restoran Fung Mei dishes out rather hearty Chinese dishes that are suitable for family meals.


They are open almost daily, as their closing days varies. They are usually open for lunch, then they will close in between before reopening for dinner.

Parking spaces are pretty ample here, though it might be a little bit challenging as most prefer to double park.

With rumbling stomachs, we patiently awaited for our dinner to be served.


Sweet & Sour Fish Slices [RM 18.00]

Albeit slightly steep on the price, this dish is pretty justifiable. Fresh fish meat is being used instead of Dory, which was a plus point. Fish slices were in abundance, this serving was good enough to feed 3 pax. The sweet and sour sauce was spot on too, we loved the hint of sourish twang in the sauce. Loved it!


Sizzling Tofu with Minced Meat and Egg [RM 12.00]

Also another standing order of ours. Tofu is homemade, served together with minced meat and egg. Sauce was nonetheless thick and appetizing, which paired well with the soft tofu and fragrant minced meat.


Stir Fried Spinach [RM 10.00]

Simple yet enjoyable stir fried spinach to provide us with the necessary greens we need. Fresh greens and the portion was quite huge for the pricing, once again, enough to feed the 3 of us.

Verdict : This place serves pretty hearty Chinese meals suitable for family dinners. Or alternatively, one can also get set meals. Prices may seem slightly steep compared to others but they make it up with pretty big portions and of course, tasty meals. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

How to get there :

Address : Pelangi Square, PJU 6, Persiaran Surian, 47800 Petaling Jaya (Opposite Houz Depot KD)



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