Contact Us!

Hey fellow gNOMes! Do you own a restaurant? Do you serve food that is really worth checking out? Do you need more people talking about your awesome food?

If that answer is YES, YES, and YES, please do contact us! The Garden NOM is always ready with open minds and open stomachs (okay, not literally!).

Contact us at:

  • gNOMe 1:  joetgw@gmail,com
  • gNOMe 2:

Drop us an e-mail and we will be glad to eat your tasty food help out!

Eat Lots and Prosper,

The Garden NOM


2 thoughts on “Contact Us!

  1. hi Garden NOM,

    Can we have a change invited your to experinces our truly vietnamese strret food.
    You can see some of our review write by many boogger non of complaine customer commend us.
    banh mi cafe
    no 1 jalan puteri 7/10
    bandar puteri puchong


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