Patty & Pie, Aman Suria

Both gNOMes are very sorry for the lack of updates. Like really sorry! gNOMe 1 has been busy moving between KL and Sarawak while gNOMe 2 just only returned from Japan. No excuses, we know! We both owe you dear readers so many updates and reviews!

During our university days, both gNOMes would drive around 45 minutes to Ipoh just to have their slice of comfort pizza. Not just any pizza, wood fired pizza of course! The taste of Michaelangelo’s Pizzeria is firmly etched in the mind and brings a drool to the mouth.

Ever since moving to PJ, the gNOMes have never been able to find wood fired pizza to satisfy cravings. Until one day when we decided to explore Aman Suria, stumbling upon a shop called Patty & Pie. It was instantly in our “to-try” list.

From the outside one wouldn’t tell that this place sells wood fired pizza, looking more like another burger joint (with pies). Entering the shop, the gNOMes saw *THE OVEN*

Still newly opened (less than 2 months), Patty & Pie serves wood fired pizza and gourmet burgers. As for now, they are still in the start up stage, hence a slightly limited menu.

Inside, one will be able to catch a glimpse of the head chef and his crew tossing pizza dough. An entertaining sight while awaiting your pizza. At the same time, when you know that your pizza is hand-tossed, you’re in for a treat!

Peanut Butter & Banana Milkshake [RM14]

The milkshake was surprisingly not heavy, as one would expect with peanut butter. It was actually quite refreshing and a good start to the meal, while munching on the small, little chunks of peanuts.

Classic Cheeseburger [RM16]

It was a classic cheeseburger in every sense of the word. Cheddar, pickles, beef patty, caramelized onion. Topped off with their own special house sauce, all of it blended together to form a very honest burger. No pretense, just straight up traditional cheeseburger. The gNOMes could taste the cheese even though we couldn’t see it. Although the gNOMes would’ve liked a little more caramelized onion! And oh, the top secret house sauce is indeed yummy so we had helpings after helpings.

Half & Half of Margherita & Carne [RM28]

Finally, after years of not having wood fired pizza. The base of the pizza was fragrant and crispy, while the toppings were able to do a good job of satisfying our cravings. Among the 2, the Margherita was still the favorite of both gNOMes. The basil fragrance was really apparent, complementing the cheese. We suppose that the message in the kitchen now is to do the basic things and do it well. The only thing the gNOMes would like is for the crust to be slightly thinner, but then again, that’s purely preferential.

Verdict : The gNOMes would compliment Patty & Pie on 2 main things: Customer Service and Good No Frills, Comfort Food. Really excellent and personal service, while having good comfort food. What you see is what you get. Classic fire wood pizza that is sure to provide solace to a rough day, or just merely to satisfy cravings. We can’t wait for their menu to expand so we can taste what they have to offer. Keep a look out for their additional menu via their Facebook 🙂

How to get there :

Address : F-G-40, Jalan PJU 1/45, Aman Suria Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

Contact Number : +6012-305 1981

Opening Hours : Tuesdays to Sundays. 1200 hours till 1500 hours. 1800 hours till 2200 hours.

Facebook here


7 thoughts on “Patty & Pie, Aman Suria

  1. Thanks for coming (and for our awesome first review) Renae and Joe! It was a pleasure serving you both. Hope to see you again.

    ps your blue cheese pizza is coming soon! 🙂

  2. Hi guys!! Hope u two are well. Just to let u knw, we’ve kept to our promise (albeit a little late 😊) and now have a blue cheese burger AND pizza (quattro formaggi) on the menu. Hope to see u soon! 😆😆

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