Every month, The Garden NOM features a special dish that has made the month that little bit more worthwhile! These are the NOM awards’ FOTM!

October 2014

There are so many dishes that really impress at Peruvie. Make no mistake, this restaurant is not a specialty Nando’s competitor although customers still tend to always compare the two wonderful restaurants. These guys are authentically-Peruvian. But if there is one dish that is a real crowd-pleaser there, it would be 1/4 Chicken with 2 sides. Served with the winning combination of spicy Peruvian sauce and Aji Verde sauce. Nando’s who??

September 2014

There were indeed many great places the gNOMes visit in the month of September. It was definitely a close call, with TableTalk and Gyuniku Signature receiving honorable mentions. But this one dish all the way in Soi 38, Thailand is a highly-deserving winner. We honestly hope there was a better way we could have represented this picture. But the moment we chowed on the first bite, the gNOMes completely understood why the chef was a Pad Thai competition winner. Bravo!!

August 2014

The winner has been clear for some time now regarding August. These heavenly ribs are just one of the many culinary delights offered at El Cerdo. Marinated with 10 year old Laphroaig whiskey, grilled to a medium rare texture. OMG is the only thing one can say, and you secretly hope you can have them all to yourself.

July 2014

Strangers at 47 is a great place to visit indeed. It was a tight fight between all the dishes really. If possible we would just put all of their dishes as the FOTM. However there can only be one dish standing. Hence, Go Bana-nuts!

June 2014

Like we mentioned in the post, ” This is not your run-of-the-mill pork cutlets, these are the cutlets worthy of kings and queens. Every bite fragrant, lightly and tastefully salted. Minimal lean fats nicely complete this into the ultimate chashu!” Enough said.

May 2014

This was a rather contentious one, since not everyone really loves Durian, but this is as good as it gets for the month of May 2014. Fried Durian Fritters at Restoran Wah Cai, Johor Bahru gets the seal of approval over the likes of Boat Noodles and Happy Garden BKT. Read about it here!

April 2014

The Lamberghini!!!
The Lamberghini!!!

Sorry for the terrible picture, the lighting was low and we were only armed with our phone cameras. But then this was just too good to ignore. It was a 2-way between this and Joo Leong Cafe, Penang, but ultimately Joo Leong cafe is more the awesome comfort food while The Lamberghini at The Daily Grind is a celebration mutton! Armed with a brilliant assortment of zucchini, eggplant and tender juicy mutton patty, topped off with fries going with an awesome home-made chili sauce = LOVE! Read about it here!

March 2014

Sometimes when a restaurant decides to revamp their entire menu, it can go either way. But in the case of White House Kitchen, it has certainly gone in their favor! We present to you March’s FOTM!

The picture says it all, really! The gNOMes just gobbled it all down (even gNOMe 2 who generally isn’t a fan of Nachos)!

February 2014

There were some decent shouts for February FOTM, with SS3 Indian Rice gaining an honorable mention. However there can only be one winner for the month so the winner is The Myth Fish Head Curry!

It is simply the undefeated (as of now!) Fish head curry dish in our books and we dare others to challenge that dish!

January 2014


It was a tough fight with so many good food in January, but ultimately the winning combination of nicely-toasted waffles with awesome Big Baby Ice-Cream, bananas and BACON takes the prize! Read more about it here!

December 2013

Such generous amount of chocolate!
Such generous amount of chocolate!

There were a few close calls, but this one just edges it out for this final month of 2013! This crepe is exactly what you would want in a dessert: Chocolatey, fresh, creamy, all that while not being overwhelming. Read more about it here!

November 2013

Dave's Pasta Bolognaise!!
Dave’s Pasta Bolognaise!!

Bringing new meaning to a seemingly routine dish, round of applause for the Spaghetti Bolognaise from Dave’s! You can read more about it here!

October 2013

Banh Mi, O Banh Mi!!!
Banh Mi, O Banh Mi!!!

Combining the right proportion of meat and vegetables, this is more than just your regular Submarine sandwich. Discover Vietnam and meatiness in every bite! Or you can read more about it here.


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