[CLOSED] Petit Noms, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana

Rather sadly, we regret to have to say this: Petit Noms is now closed. 😦

Seeking for a perfect cuppa has been on the gNOMes’ radar for quite sometime. Ever since we started this small food blog, we were exposed to all sorts of coffee beans and the cuppas they deliver.

From light to medium to dark roasted beans, beans sourced from every nook and cranny, each bean carries its’ own distinctive flavour. Yes, of course both gNOMes have stumbled upon good ones, but the one that hit the sweet spot? Never found until we met Petit Noms. 🙂 (what a coincidence that they share the same ‘nom’ as us)

Situated at Level 1 right at the end, just above 7 Cups, opposite Bungkus, lies Petit Noms. Owned and fully run by 2 young entrepreneurs who are passionate about their food and coffee.

And since Petit Noms serve coffee, specially sourced Guatemalan Huehuetenango beans that are of medium roast, why not try a cuppa or two? And oh, those beans, have a sweet, chocolate, plum & berries note with a hint of smoke.

Nutty-Ella [RM 11]

Seeing nice artisanal foam art is just half the victory, but the gNOMes genuinely didn’t expect to be blown away by this awesome cup of Nutella coffee. Although having just a light hint of Nutella, this was by far THE SMOOTHEST CUP OF COFFEE WE EVER HAD! The gNOMes enjoyed it so that we had to order a second cup!

Bullet Proof Coffee [RM 12]

What is Bullet Proof Coffee? Simply your coffee with grass-fed butter and coconut oil. This is the ultimate of any diet hierarchy – gluten-free? Nay, this is Paleo! Guaranteed to make you feel bulletproof the whole day. How does only 2 men run a shop every day of the week, you ask? Here’s the secret, tried and tested. This coffee gives a real boost, without the lethargic aftermath that regular coffee brings when it runs out.

Green Tea Latte [RM 11]

Again, with the combination of the wonderful coffee made here, this is another cuppa that goes smooth right down, really hitting the spot in the process, with Petit Noms’ own green tea brew.

Tri-Mushroom Puff [RM 18]

Two pieces of small puff pastry sandwiched in between beautifully seasoned button, shimeji and abalone mushrooms topped with sprinkled Parmesan cheese. The mushrooms were superbly seasoned, making this a wonderful meal of yumminess. Perhaps the gNOMes might be biased due to our love of well-cooked mushrooms.

Puffed Baked Eggs [RM 18]

A combination of eggs, chilli sausages and potatoes in a ceramic bowl covered with a thin layer of filo pastry baked to heavenly goodness. No wonder this dish is a big hit ever since Petit Noms opened its’ doors 7 months ago. Yummy baked eggs with chilli sausages, comfort food with a spicy twist. And the filo pastry just complement the whole dish.

Carbonara Pasta [RM 17]

A plate of pasta topped with mushroom and chicken ham, with carbonara sauce. This also was well-made by them, al dente spaghetti and well-seasoned with a carbonara sauce that does not make one weary.

Green Tea & Red Bean Puff with Yam Ice Cream [RM 13]

This was an interesting plate of fun combinations. The fragrance of green tea combining with the red bean and yam ice-cream sweetness, topped off with sugar and strawberries for that final touch.

Verdict : This is actually one of our favorite restaurants so far. They serve really great food (notice that nearly all their dishes have pastries? oh la la!), and even better coffee that really just hits the spot. Their nigh-perfect utilization of Guatemalan Huehuetenango beans are probably the find of the year for us (dare we make such bold claim!). Seriously a MUST TRY!

How to get there :

Address : Lot 125, 1st Floor, Empire Damansara Lane, No. 2, Jalan PJU 8/8A, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya.

Opening Hours : Tuesdays to Sundays. 1100 hours till 1800 hours.

Contact Number : +603-7611 0142

Facebook here

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