Indian Rice, Selera Wawasan, SS3, PJ

A hidden gem. LITERALLY.

Most people we know flock to food courts for cheap food. Average food but easy on the wallet.

But this! Is not the reason why it’s jam packed everyday during lunch hours. Situated in Medan Selera Wawasan in SS3, PJ, stall number 3 – 6 serve one of the most authentic Indian food one can find.

The gNOMes love a good plate of Indian rice and a friend who happened to live nearby this food court recommended this place to gNOMe 1. Situated in an unsuspecting area of ss3, behind a row of more public shop lots, those who are not locals would not expect this to be the site of one of the local favorites.

curry curry!
curry curry!



Here you will see a variety of selections at your disposal. Take a plate of rice and fill it up with their tasty Indian recipe. Fish, vegetables, chicken, eggs, mutton are just some of the dishes in general available for all.

Top it off with some Papadoms!
Top it off with some Papadums!

The nice man in white over in the picture above is probably one of the bosses there as he collects the money, whom we reckon is Mr Pandiyan. Take what you like, sit down, enjoy and pay later!

The gNOMes are also fans of Rasam!
The gNOMes are also fans of Rasam!

In case you were wondering, how much would all that cost? This is based on a trust system. Go to the nice man in white and let him know what you’ve had. The cost will come up to a MAXIMUM of RM 10. So big eaters, rejoice! 😀 No matter how little you take, or how much, it’s all priced the same. gNOMe 1 had curry mutton + rice + fried chicken, gNOMe 2 had an egg + pumpkin + rice + fried chicken. The bill came up to about RM18. Rasam and papadom are on the house!

Verdict: This place is a nice place to have your Indian rice fix, and it’s worthwhile if you are a big eater. The gNOMes believe we have found a gem here with this restaurant. Beware though it sells out fairly quickly. Open from about 9 or 10 am until sold out, which is roughly 12.30 to 1 pm

How to get there:

Address : Selera Wawasan, Jalan SS3/33, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours : Opens daily, but for only for lunch


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