As both gNOMes were reminiscing their travel trips in 2014, we couldn’t help but to smile when we recall about our Hong Kong trip. It was one of the most exciting trip ever, especially the whole “Cantonese” speaking affair and our “Lego Binging” at Tsim Sha Tsui & Mongkok.

Mind you, even though we now reside in PJ, gNOMe 1 speaks Teochew whereas gNOMe 2 speaks Hokkien. So Cantonese is not our mother tongue and is neither our strongest dialect. And yes, we are into LEGO! Yay!

*Now you know more about us!

Of course, as food bloggers, prior to a trip overseas, one must google and read up on the MUST EATS around. TIM HO WAN was one of them, and boy, were we glad that we tried it. The Baked Bun with BBQ Pork is to die for!

So, besides the usual must-eat-dim-sum-when-you’re-in-HK affair, Google introduced this to us.

Australia Dairy Co.

The place opens at 0730 hours, and we thought, nah, we aren’t going to fight for tables with the locals. Let them have their breakfast and we will come in after that so we won’t get caught in all the queue.

Boy, were we wrong!

We arrived at 1100 hours, and the queue was snaking until the end of the block!

So we guess, that’s the first mark of GOOD FOOD there!

The downside of any Char Chan Teng (tea restaurant) in HK is the need to share tables with total strangers because these Char Chan Tengs are rather small. Whip up a conversation with the locals, that will add a wonderful note to your experience.

We were seated after 20 minutes, considering there were a lot of people in front of us. So a 20 minute wait was rather bearable. Right opposite us sharing the same table is another local couple, whom were so kind to help us order in Cantonese (told ya we suck at speaking canto haha).

ADC offers 3 set meals : Breakfast Set, Tea Time Set & Fast Food Set besides the usual Ala Carte. The Breakfast Set (0700 hours till 1200 hours) costs HKD 26 / approximately RM 11, Tea Time Set (1200 hours till 2300 hours) costs HKD 30 / approximately RM 13, Fast Food Set (all day) costs HKD 26 / approximately RM 11.

We decided to go for the Breakfast Set, which consists of Toast with Scrambled Eggs/Sunny Side Up Eggs, Macaroni Soup with Ham and a cup of Milk Tea (năichá).

Macaroni Soup with Ham [HKD 22 / approximately RM 10]*

Don’t be fooled by this dish, it packs a punch! It may look rather unappetizing, but after one spoonful, this dish is so comforting. As plain as it looks, the gNOMes were practically fighting to finish this dish. Although it feels like it is from a can, it reminds one of a nice cold day where all you want to do is sit and have hot soup.

* denotes Ala Carte prices

Scrambled Eggs with Toast [HKD 15 / approximately RM 7]*

We opted for the Scrambled Eggs instead of Sunny Side Up. The Scrambled Eggs came with two plain toasts. The scrambled eggs came highly recommended through many websites. The eggs were cooked with butter, fluffy and creamy with an amazing texture. We could do with a tad more seasoning though. The plain toasts were really soft and fluffy, spread the Scrambled Eggs onto the toast and NOM IT ALL DOWN!

* denotes Ala Carte prices

Năi Chá is definately a must when one’s in HK, especially when having meals at Char Chan Tengs. The Milk Tea came without sugar, so add in sugar according to your preference. And undoubtedly, the Milk Tea was yummy!

Steamed Egg Pudding with Almond [HKD 20 / approximately RM9]

The fragrance of the almond was immediately apparent. This is a fantastic dessert to end your breakfast with. Available both in hot and cold. Order it hot for a comfort dessert or cold for a refreshing one. Suitable for people who love almonds and are not looking for something too sweet.

Steamed Egg White Pudding with Milk [HKD 20 / approximately RM9]

The gNOMes expected this to be the worst, but boy were we wrong. This was so tasty and the fragrance of the milk was simply irresistible. This was another one the gNOMes were fighting to finish. Order it hot, and experience the love!

Verdict : This is a fantastic place for breakfast. Even with the queue, it is worth it. The queue moves quickly enough and their seating system is incredibly efficient! We will DEFINITELY be back again!

How to get there :

Address : G/F, 47-49, Parkes St, Jordan, Hong Kong (nearest MTR : Jordan)

Contact Number : +852 2730 1356

Opening Hours : Daily 0730 hours till 2300 hours EXCEPT THURSDAYS.

ADC on Open Rice Hong Kong


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