Obanhmi, 1 Utama

Both gNOMes have previously visited Obanhmi’s main outlet at Damansara Uptown to get our Banh Mi cravings fixed ever since we got back from Ho Chi Minh City. Read all about it here. And due to overwhelming response for the heavenly Vietnamese sandwich, Obanhmi has just opened their second store smack right in 1 Utama shopping mall.

So you shoppers, after a long day at 1 Utama, don’t forget to drop by Obanhmi for a quick NOM!

Obanhmi has recently added new items to their menu, now besides their Banh Mi, they have a plethora of Vietnamese noodles and rice.

Iced Condensed Milk Drip Vietnamese Coffee [RM 6.00]

3 cheers for Vietnamese Coffee! One of the best coffees in the world, we would trade almost anything in the world for a cup of these gems. Grounded coffee powder beautifully dripped over hot water, the essence of the coffee extracted and then mixed with condensed milk. The result? A cup of nicely roasted coffee with a hint of butter and chocolate, with sweetness from the condensed milk.

Egg Coffee [RM 9.90]

One has rarely seen such a creative way of enjoying coffee. The layer of egg foam over the coffee is excellently fragrant while managing to have the right amount of sweetness. mix evenly with the coffee to enjoy a unique coffee that will have your tastebuds smiling.

[Left to Right : Vietnamese Lime Slush [RM 7.00]; Vietnamese Caramel Flan [RM 6.00]]

A cup of refreshing lime slush to flush all your worries down, that’s all you need. The gNOMes were fighting with their friends to have another sip of this wonderful drink. The Caramel Flan had a strong taste of coconut, making it a refreshing drink as well. But overall our nod goes to the Lime Slush.

O Summery Pork and Prawn Set Vietnamese Roll [RM 9.50]

A plate of Vietnemese fresh spring rolls to begin one’s meal. A combination of pork, prawns, vegetables all wrapped in rice paper accompanied by Obanmi’s special home made sauce. Fresh, succulent ingredients to kick start the meal. A perfect appetizer!

O Rolly Springroll Set [RM 8.00]

If you are not a fan of the typical fresh Vietnamese spring roll like both gNOMes, opt for this one instead! Deep fried springroll till golden brown with generous filling, paired with the homemade special sauce. This particular dish was snapped up within seconds!

O Roasty with Charcoal Bread [RM 12.00]

One of Obanhmi’s best seller. A mix of roasted pork, marinated veggie, sunny side up and cilantro sandwiched in freshly baked baguette. The fresh ingredients combined together to form a good explosion of flavors, yet one could distinguish all the individual flavors in it.

Com Tam [RM 12.90]

Obanhmi’s latest addition to the menu. A well loved, popular dish among the Saigon residence consisting of cooked broken rice grains served with marinated grilled pork chop.

To be honest, we weren’t too enamored by this dish, because the pork chop was a little on the drier side. Although the pork chop was nicely seasoned.

Mixed Chicken Pho [RM 11.00]

Obanhmi’s own twist to chicken vermicelli. Teriyaki chicken with spring rolls, topped with fried onion, mint and basil leaves served with home-made sauce. One of the really satisfying dishes of the night, the gNOMes were chowing down and really enjoying the spring rolls as well. Dip them in the nice house sauce, and enjoy!

Dry Grilled Chicken Vermicelli [RM 11.00]

Authentic pho noodles with shredded chicken herbs doused with special in-house sauce. This isn’t the typical pho that one gets in HCMC, as it is the dry kind. While in HCMC the food tends to be very heavily-flavored, the Hanoi-inspired dish here shines in terms of subtle flavors, without losing in overall satisfaction. Yum!

Verdict : This is a great place to dine in, whether it be for the fabled Vietnamese coffee, or just to have a taste of Hanoi. This place boasts mainly Hanoi styled food. It’s more than just Banh Mi, and the other dishes do equally as well, if not at times better than the Banh Mi! While you’re at it, do get the drinks as well.

How to get there :

Address : Lot LG 328, Lower Ground Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +603-7732 8540

Opening Hours : Daily. 0930 hours till 2130 hours.

Facebook here


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