S.wine, Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya

Much was heard about S.wine Publika, and when they opened their second outlet in Tropicana City Mall (TCM), we couldn’t resist paying a visit there. What more, if that was supposed to be a surprise birthday for a good friend 🙂

Pork lovers should pay S.wine a visit‘.

That statement itself was enough to tempt us there.

Part of the BIG team and located at Tropicana City Mall, this is indeed a huge joy for PJ folks. Ample of parking space in TCM, and at a rather convenient location too!

S.wine Cafe

With a rather extensive menu with classy interior deco with cozy ambiance, we were looking forward to a very hearty ‘nose to tail‘ piggy gastronomic adventure 🙂

S.wine Cafe

Pork Satay with Pineapple Sauce [RM 18.00]

We started off the night with some pork satay yay! The taste of the satay was of course with the usual marination and was actually fairly decent in portion as well. The pineapple sauce worked to good effect, with a subtle hint of twangy, zesty flavour underneath the usual satay sauce.

S.wine Cafe

Porky Mac & Cheese Burger [RM 35.00]

The crispy patty was nice and fragrant with some pulled pork garnishing. Though the mac & cheese was a little less obvious. Overall not the gNOMes’ first choice.

S.wine Cafe

Pork Sausages with Sauerkraut Rosti [RM 28.00]

Good sausages are definitely always welcome, what more having a good sauerkraut rosti to accompany it. The rosti was well-made and it complemented the well-peppered and seasoned sausages to make a hearty plate.

S.wine Cafe

Thai Tom Saab Noodle Soup [RM 25.00]

Thai inspired spicy pork ribs soup with glass noodles, minced meat and pork balls. Very much Asian influenced, this dish is for those who are in the mood for Asian food but don’t want to be left out of the porky goodness. Comfort soup? Checked!

S.wine Cafe

Spicy Bacon & Mushrooms [RM 25.00]

A combination that can never go wrong. The level of spiciness wasn’t too high, just nice for those wanting a little bit of heat to accompany their meal. While at the same time the combination of mushrooms and sausage slices served to complete a decent dish.

S.wine Cafe

Spicy Asian Pesto [RM 25.00]

Pasta with S.wine’s signature Asian coriander pesto sauce. With pasta served al dente, the pesto sauce was indeed one of the good ones of the day. The gNOMes really did enjoy the well-seasoned minced pork balls. A good overall combination nonetheless.

S.wine Cafe

Bacon & Salted Egg Carbonara [RM 25.00]

The name says it all. This was probably the pick of the lot for the gNOMes that day. Riding on the whole new salted egg craze, this would be something to add to the list. Armed with a well-balanced creamy and thick sauce, and al dente pasta texture, this one gets a thumbs up!

Verdict : Overall a place with good service and a nice ambiance. Suitable for gatherings and just dining when one has a little more cash in the pocket.

How to get there :

Address : Lot G39B & 39C, Tropicana City Mall, Jalan SS20/27, 47400 Petaling Jaya

Contact Number : +603-7710 0393

Opening Hours : DAILY. 1000 hours till 2200 hours.

Facebook here, Website here

S.wine Cafe


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